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CLASSIC BODYBUILDING IS BACK! DANNY HESTER IS IT’S CROWNED KING. By The Editors Photography Binais Begovic There are a lot of misconceptions about the world of body- building. There are an even larger number of half-truths about muscle building in general. The one singular truth about both is that if you want results, you have to cut away all the distrac- tions and every single excuse or you simply won’t get any of the results you covet. And that’s exactly why so many people flock to the gym: They desire the result. But they generally don’t have the drive to reach it. Sure, everyone can put in a lot of effort on a few occasions, but consistency is the only way to take your hyper-focused goals of looking and feeling your best and achieving those results. Want proof? Take one look at Danny Hester. He’s cut away all the distractions and set aside all the excuses and made a lifestyle out of being one of the fittest and most muscular men on the planet and the first ever Mr. Olympia Classic Physique champion. 24 SEPTEMBER 2017 |