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TRAIN TO GAIN THE PULL-UP MUSCLE Correcting mistakes and integrating pull-ups into your workouts. HANDBOOK By Raphael Konforti MS, CPT P ull-ups are one of the first ex- ercises people start perform- ing when they get into fitness to improve their physique and strength. They’re frequently performed, but rarely con- quered. Seeing a proper pull- up is more rare than seeing someone perform a proper squat – a testament to how easy it is to do a pull-up incorrectly. That ends here. Common Mistakes “You’re not going low enough!” Those words couldn’t ring truer here with the addition of not going high enough. The most common mistake with pull-ups is not using a full range of motion from top-to-bottom, which puts muscles at a disadvantage for completing a full con- traction. Reducing the amount of force a muscle can create limits muscle dam- ag HYX[[\x&\\ܝ[]HœXݙ\[ܛXۙ\HXۙZ\ZH\[\\]\BX]][ۋ[ ]\[[X\[B\]H]\[]\ܜH ]K[B[܈\[[[H\[Y\B\]\\ˈ\\[ܙK[BH\[[][\[\[\وX\ˈܛX[H[\[\وX\š\][\ZYX[ۈ][[\K[[H[H[\وX\][]YHو[\H[\[B\\[K\ܘ\\]\\˜X]]H[ZHݙ\\X[H[ U\][Hۛ]Z\Z\›܋]8&\ܜX[H[x&[]BH\[ ]\[H[H8$›Y[[ۈH\X[\\˂[^\\HH[[Hو[[ۋ]BK[\\\[H^[Y[[H[Y[H][[\]ˈ]H[Hو[[ۋ[[[Hو[\[\[B\][\۝X\ˈ]8&\[[Bو[[ۋLTSPT M\ۛX[XY^[KBH^ܝXX[\X\\]\HXKB][ۋX\]Z\\˜][[ۈ]Z[ [YH][H[وHܚ܂\]\HX]KB[ۈ[HX[HX[\[\Y\›YY[ݙHYB[[Hو[[ۋ]HHوB[ ]\ [\[\Y\[H\\[\X[^[Y][\Y\ˈ\[HY[B[ ]\ \H[B[ۈ[\[\Y\[H[˜YX[܈[[[H]\][[\\\Hق[\و[[[\[\Y\œ[[XYHHۂ[]\8$ۋBXYZHHوB\[˂HԒU[][[[\H[x&[VTTBU”T\[ŒŽ[YY\ۂ[ U\ŒL[x&\H[[ˈۙB[X[ŒŒLوH\ Z\Xܙ]KQܚ\[ۂŒL[ ]\Z[[\XHŒŒLX\[Z\BŒMB[ [\BX^[X[]X]][ۋ[HYY[BH[۝YX[\Z[H܂[\[[XYو[\[˂Xۙ\[Xۙۂ[و[\[\]XY[[[Z[]H[[[\]BH\[[\[\œ\]\\ˈ[\[H[H[ݙ\ˈ[[H[\[\X]H[[\[H\X]B[[ݙH[\[\Y\[] \X^HY[H[Z]]K[YH[\]H[ݙ[Y[\۸&]]\\x&\[X\ۚ[΂\HZ[[ ۛH[[\]X][[]H^[Bܛ[ܙK[x&[[[[X][BXYH[[܈H[۝X[ۂXYHۙ\[^[[]HH[B]\\[H[[ܙX][BH[[[[Y[\[Z[[X] B[ˈ]8&\[\ܝ[\ܛH[ ]\[ܙX]\[Hو[[ۋ