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IM THE FINAL WORD READERS’ LETTERS #ironmanmagazine Tag your posts on Instagram and we’ll pick our favorites each month. Calling Dr. Cat Great photos of Dr. Cat Begovic! I’ve been following Dr. Cat on Instagram for a long time, and I love all of the free beauty advice she gives out. I am definitely going to check out M.D. Glam. The photos are amazing! How did you shoot her on a runway and on that plane? Where did it take place? —Beckett B., via e-mail @aj_fi tness82 @engwer22 @fridapaulsen @lift_by_f8th @lindamilar @litz_fi tness @ryanmccaffrey27 @samuraishreds From the Editors: Dr. Cat’s husband, and Iron Man Magazine publisher, Binais Begovic photographed Dr. Cat at the Santa Monica Airport in Southern California. Those shots were not easy to get, to say the least. Band Aid Thanks for the idea of a nighttime protein shake and recovery sets with exercise bands. I’ve been training with bands for the last few years but never thought to use them like this. I can’t wait to start trying this! —Lucas R., via e-mail Time Is On Your Size I’ve been using the 15-minute shoulder finishers from your last issue, and they are working. I always imagined I had to do at least another hour of shoul- ders a week, but I can’t believe how much I’m getting from just this one extra workout a week. Best of all, my shoulders aren’t creaky and constantly in pain! —Max S., via e-mail Gains In A Bottle Mass gainers have changed a lot since I started train- ing 20 years ago. It was well-known back then that they were full of sugar and crap. I never knew anyone who bought them except kids who didn’t know any better. It’s interesting to see that there are some gen- uinely useful products out there, even for vegetarians. I’m happy to see the supplement companies step- ping up with some real science and integrity. —Bodie O., via e-mail Vol. 76, No. 6: IRON MAN (ISSN #0047-1496) is published monthly by Physique Press, 8370 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 320, Beverly Hills, CA 90211. Periodical Mail is paid at Beverly Hills, CA, and at additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Send address chan ́Ѽ)%I=858@< ఁ1 กA͔܁ͥѼЁݕ́ȁѼхиMՉ͍ɥѥɅѕϊQTĹ͕ͥ聹܀ȵՔՉ͍ɥѥ 5᥍ѡȁɕՉ͍ɥѥȁՕ̰(͕ЁM ̸ɕɑ́ЁTL̸MՉ͍ɥѥ́Ѽ%I=858@< ఁ1 ก=ȁĴĸ ɥЃ ܸɥ́ɕ͕ٕ9Ёѡ́饹䁉ɕɽՍ)䁵ȁݥѡЁɥѕɵͥɽѡՉ͡ȸAɥѕѡUM()U9܁ɽ饹