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IM THE FIRST WORD PUBLISHER’S LETTER The Company You Keep T here is a good chance you don’t recognize the guy on the cover of this issue of Iron Man Magazine. His name is Mark Robinson, and he is a hard-working trainer and businessman from Aus- tralia. He hasn’t won a Mr. Olympia or dated a celebrity. The same goes for our pictorial of the Natural Fit Sisters. Hanna McCabe and Hilary Grant are drug-tested Bikini and Figure Pros (respectively) who are out to inspire women—mothers especially—to make time for them- selves to get fit. Neither Mark nor the Natural Fit Sisters have the on- line audience of someone like Rich Piana, but they have something important that Piana doesn’t have: the genuine desire to help people. Why are they in Iron Man Maga- zine this month? I can explain it with a quote I like from Howard Schultz, the former CEO of Starbucks and the guy responsible for most of the chain’s success. (He is also an amazing philanthropist who focuses a lot of his