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IM HYBRID TRAINING Keep It Functional Movements found in nature, known as funtional training, have serious value in this world. This is not because functional training is the new fad, but rather, func- tional exercises (as opposed to single-joint isolation movements) are movements that one uses their whole body to perform (as opposed to a single muscle group). And the power of these whole-body movements are first and foremost derived by one’s core. So functional movements almost always engage the core. Imagine exercises like bat- tle ropes, tire flips, or chopping wood with an ax. For all of those you are practically doing a sit-up with every rep. With these rules in place for your summer cardio escapades, I would also like to leave you with five muscle-friendly fat-burning super-duper workouts that I think you might enjoy trying at your local track, gym, or even on the sand beachside, if you are indeed so fortunate to have access. IM Anaerobic Cardio 1 2 3 4 74 JUNE 2017 | 5 Take a kettlebell (men use 55 pounds, women use 35 pounds) to any track or open field. Complete as follows: 7 Rounds: - 14 kettlebell swings - 100-meter sprint downfield - 14 jump squats - 100-meter sprint back Rest two minutes between rounds In any gym or weight room: 5 Rounds: - 10 front squats - 20 GHD sit-ups (or 30 butterfly sit-ups) Rest 60 seconds between rounds At the base of any respectable hill: 8 Rounds: - 10 burpees - 100-meter sprint uphill (or push a sled if no access to hill) - 60 seconds shadowboxing at the top of hill Rest 60 seconds between rounds (use rest to walk back down hill) In any gym or weight room: 10 Rounds: - 5 deadlifts (make it heavy) - 3 box jumps (at least 24 inches; try for 30 inches or higher) At any track or open field: - 30 butterfly sit-ups - 10 burpees - 200-meter sprint Repeat for max rounds in 20 minutes.