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IM HYBRID TRAINING Killer Cardio By Eddie Avakoff, owner of Metroflex LBC Five aerobic-based workouts that will help you lean out but not burn up your muscle. H ere’s the deal: Everyone wants a six- pack. However, few can say they enjoy sacrificing their muscle mass in the pursuit of the cardio that’s necessary to achieve those shiny washboard abs. First and foremost, low body fat, especially in the ab- dominal-looking-like-an-Abercrombie-model sort of region is more of a testament to one’s disciple in the kitchen and dinner table than anything else. Nevertheless, there certainly are more strategic approaches to burning fat than others when doing that whole song and dance we all cardio. Having done my share of competitive cardio as a former competitive triathlete and finisher of multiple long-distance obstacle course races, I have several rules and ideas about how to use endurance-style training to look and feel your best. Keep It Anaerobic Take a look at a football player: Lean and muscular. Their sport is very anaerobic and explosive—the average play in a football game is roughly seven to 10 seconds of playtime, followed by 40 seconds of down- time, otherwise known as “rest” from our perspective. Now take a look at a marathon runner: Lean and … well, just lean. In fact, downright skinny to some standards, and often with a slight fat roll around the middle. And rightfully so. Their body adapts physically (and aesthetically) to their given sport. In the football player’s instance, his anaerobic conditioning allowed him to maintain muscle size and power, while the marathon runner’s demanding endurance (aerobic) efforts have dropped any and all extra weight in order to travel as far and fast as possible. What does this tell us if we’re trying to maintain muscle and lower body fat during our workouts? Keep the cardio anaerobic. 72 JUNE 2017 | WHAT DOES THIS TELL US IF WE’RE TRYING TO MAINTAIN MUSCLE AND LOWER BODY FAT DURING OUR WORKOUTS? KEEP THE CARDIO ANAEROBIC. Mix Weights And Running While generalized circuit training is well and good, I implore you to dive just a little deeper into a really decisive use of weights in running, almost like a superset in weight