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IM POWERBUILDING How Important Is ROM? By Tucker Loken Your devotion to range of motion should vary on the exercise. MODEL: W 70 JUNE 2017 | hen strength athletes eventually morph over into bodybuilding (and it happens a lot more than you would think), they always want to do full range of motion (ROM) on their movements because that’s what they were taught and that’s what they have practiced for years and years. And a full ROM is defi nitely important on your squat, bench, and deadlift, as well as several other exercises. However, what about other movements when it doesn’t serve such a good purpose? Adherence to a full range of motion has improved in guys over the years, thanks to the popularity of online powerlifting-based programs for the fi tness everyman, as well as CrossFit, which tries to adhere to strict movement standards. And keep in mind that 90 percent of the time I’ll tell someone I’m training to use full range of motion on their exercises. However, below are a couple rea- sons why a maximum ROM can hinder your progress rather than help it. Loss Of Muscle Connection When you’re using dumbbells or machines, you’re not being tested on your strength; you’re trying to train your stability and mus- cles rather than a movement pattern. Let’s use a machine pec flye as an example. Since everyone is built differently, some people have better connectivity in certain mus- cle groups than others. I’ve always been a shoulder and triceps dominant presser, so my chest development has lagged. When I allow the handles to come too far back, my chest stops engaging and my front delts take the brunt of the movement. It took me years to realize this, and when I finally did I had to drop my ego and find what worked for me. I started with little baby movements for my little baby chest. I only did as much as I could feel. I dropped the weight and kept the ROM very short. I probably only let my hands come open two feet and then I p ͡ѡ)ѽѡȸ%ԁٔѼѡ̰eЁݽ)QͥՅѥݥɽٔQɔɔ)ɽȰȁ͍̰ѡͥ)Ё́Ѽ$ݽɭȁݕ́)ѥ䁡́ݼаѡ$ɥ)ѱݥȁ$݅́Ѽаͼ$ٕ)Ѽѡɕи=ٕȁѥ$݅́Ѽ)䁅ɵ́ѼЁЁɅݥѠ)䁉丁%ӊéՍѡɔȁݡЁ)'eٔѥՕѼٕѡ͍́)ٕ́ѡЁѥمєѡ'eٔɽ)ɕ́܁ɥѡѱ)ѡȰ'eѥѼ䁍)̸͍Q͔́Ʌхѥ)ɔхЁѼݕɱѕ͔ٕ́)ݥ̰ٔɹ