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“I have competed without her, and it is 1,000 times better and sweeter to compete together.” MC: You both have a certain wholesomeness to your sex appeal. Does the salaciousness of the fitness industry ever bother you? Hanna: To each their own. If it makes you feel good, then cool. We are not here to judge. Hilary: Fitness can be kind of a dog-eat-dog atmo- sphere if you let it be. But I have met the most phe- nomenal people. I know that sounds funny because when you hit that stage you’re competitors, but when you step offstage you all realize what it took to get there—and the sacrifices and the love and desire and the push—and it brings you together. You find what you look for. Go to our YouTube channel to see behind-the-scenes: ironmanmagazine. 68 JUNE 2017 | MC: What are the upcoming goals for the Natural Fit Sisters? Hilary: We are both going to compete in the Natural Olympia. My goal is to place better than I did last year and to come in a bit fuller and leaner. And I want to keep growing Natural Fit Sisters. We want to inspire as many people as possible. Hanna: Inspire as many women as possible in the next year and win competitions. I’m competitive and I want to win first in every single show. I know that’s unrealistic, but that’s the goal. I am always shooting for first. IM