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DEPARTMENTS JUNE 2017 8 TRAIN TO GAIN We took a new look at the cable crossover machine and came up with three new exercises that will pump up your back, delts, and triceps. Plus, a look at some of the most useful new gym products on the market. 14 TWIG TO BIG It’s time to get away from taking so much pride in vomit-inducing workouts. The fact is, growing muscle doesn’t require nearly killing yourself with exertion. Your new marching orders: “Stimulate, don’t annihilate.” 16 FAT LOSS RESEARCH A collection of cutting-edge discoveries that support you in the fi ght against fat. 18 MUSCLE RESEARCH Science you can use when it comes to devel- oping a full and muscular physique. 20 NUTRITION RESEARCH 8 The latest information on how to use food and supplements to lift harder, look better, and live longer. 22 EAT TO GROW Consuming enough dietary fat is the key to shedding unwanted pounds, maintaining your testosterone levels, and building muscle and general overall health. 30 INDUSTRY INSIDER Surgeon, supplement expert, and IFBB pro Dr. Victor Prisk gives his insights into the many benefi ts of honest, high-quality supplements. 70 POWERBUILDING 30 Is a bigger range of motion always better? When it comes to bodybuilding, shortening certain movements can sometimes make for more effi cient muscle gains. 72 HYBRID TRAINING Even the most muscle-centric athletes recog- nize the importance of adding cardio to your training. Here are fi ve ways to get your heart rate up while you’re lifting those weights. 16 76 OVER-40 FITNESS Professional trainer and former bodybuilder Jim Brown and anti-aging fi tness expert Jay Campbell answer your questions about how to train hard and eat right in your 40s and beyond. 78 THE FINAL WORD Our readers have the fi nal say, and we choose the fi ttest folks on Instagram. 72 76 IN THE NEXT ISSUE This next issue of Iron Man Magazine gives you the inside scoop on how some of the best IFBB pros train, eat, supplement, and recover in ways that maximally fuel their hypertrophy machines. The issue also includes new angles for some old favorite back exercises, the hows and whys of programming a total-body workout, a photo shoot with one of the most stunning women in the IFBB roster, and specifi c directions on how to try the cutting-edge technique of Blood Flow Restriction Training. The July issue of Iron Man hits newsstands July 1. | JUNE 2017 5