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MC: As competitors, what are your favorite Gains in Bulk products? Hanna: Crea-Nitric is my favorite prod- uct from Gains in Bulk. It’s a non-stim- ulant product, but it gives you crazy vascularity and energy in the gym. Cre- atine nitrate is the only ingredient in the product. Hilary: My favorite product is our Athlete Digestive Formula. I don’t know if it’s my age, but I do retain water a bit more and I bloat easily. I basically live off that product. The plant enzymes are phenomenal and help break down the food you consume. MC: Tell me about the costume theme for the photo shoot? Hilary: The idea came from robbing back a piece of yourself. All day long you are a mom or in the workforce, and you are doing your best to help everyone else and serve other people, but in the weight room you have to become someone different. If you allow yourself that little bit of alter ego, it lets you push past a point you didn’t think you could get past. Hanna: All day long I’m known as “Mommy.” In the gym, I don’t have to be Mom; I can be whoever I want to be. I had my fourth kid when I was 23. My younger years were dedicated to being a stay-at-home mom. I had been an athlete playing college volleyball. When I started having kids, I lost that other identity. I’m still a mom and a wife, but now I’m a pro bikini competitor and I’m Poison Ivy in the gym. I’m not just a mom. | JUNE 2017 67