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Mike Carlson: What’s the message of the Natural Fit Sisters? Hanna McCabe: For me, it’s about inspiring mothers to take back a piece of themselves—not to take away from their children but to add something just for themselves that will help them become a better mother. We want to show that having an accountability partner, like me and Hilary, is important. Hilary Grant: Our main purpose is to inspire women to make fitness and health a priority in their life while also completing their duties as a mom or professional. We want everyone to have that person you can be real with, who will hold you accountable and keep you on track. MC: Do you find you train differently because of your body types? Hanna: I don’t think we train different- ly. We both know where our different strengths and weaknesses are. I am very lower-body dominant. Anything that is lower-body—booty, legs—comes very naturally for me. I have to put in the extra effort for anything with the upper body. Hilary is the opposite. Anything upper body is easy for her. She can bench like a boss. HILARY K. GRANT AGE: 36 LIVES: Pima, AZ PROFESSION: Personal trainer, business owner, Figure Pro (2016 PNBA World Cup Overall Champion; 2017 WFF Lauren Powers Overall Figure Champion) LIKES: Spending time with family, traveling, working out, shopping, doughnuts and cupcakes DISLIKES: When a cupcake or doughnut does not live up to its potential. FAVORITE DRINK: Bad: Pepsi. Not-so- bad: Aloe vera juice. Good: BCAAs in cranberry juice and stevia drops FAVORITE MOVIE: The Count Of Monte Cristo ULTIMATE VACATION: Bora Bora staying in a bungalow over the water with my hubby! WHO WOULD YOU CAST TO PLAY YOURSELF IN A MOVIE? A mix between Michelle Pfeiffer and Margot Robbie DESERT ISLAND EXERCISES: Fallen palm tree hip thrusts, coconut curls, and sand sprints FAVORITE CHARITY OR CAUSE: Special Olympics SPONSORS: Gains in Bulk INSTAGRAM: @naturalfitsisters “In the weight room you have to become someone different. If you allow yourself that little bit of alter ego, it lets you push past a point you didnʼt think you could get past.” Hilary: It’s just an important factor of who your coach is to really direct you in your training. MC: In terms of diet, how are you similar and how are you different? Hilary: Both Hanna and I like to follow a macro plan. We don’t have a diet laid out for us, but we have specific macro- nutrient recommendations. They differ as the season progresses and we get closer to shows. Typically, Hanna gets more than I do because she’s bigger and taller and needs more calories than I do. What I know is that when I get closer to a show, pulling back on my carbs helps a little bit as I try to lean out. Even six weeks out, I’ll cut them back to about 110 grams a day. Hanna: Same thing for me, but I need to watch my fat a little bit more because of my hormones. If I take my fat too low, I get really bitchy. Hilary: Yes sir! [Laughs] But it’s one of the best parts of competing. I have competed without her, and it is 1,000 times better and sweeter to compete together. 66 JUNE 2017 | HANNA MCCABE AGE: 29 LIVES: Queen Creek, AZ PROFESSION: Stay-at-home-mom, Bikini Pro (1st Place, 2016 INBA Clash of Champions Bikini Tall; 1st Place, 2017 WFF Lauren Powers Bikini Tall ) LIKES: Working out with my husband, watching our kids p ̰ٽ剅)مѥɽٕЁɽ)%M1%-L䁍ɉ)ѽՍɹ)Y=I%QI%9, Ʌե)ѥ)Y=I%Q5=Y%Mѕ ɽѡ)U1Q%5QY Q%=8!݅)]!<]=U1e=T MPQ