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NATURAL FIT SISTERS Bonded in blood and iron, Hilary and Hanna show the power of a strong partner. By Mike Carlson Photography by Binais Begovic F or Hilary Grant and Hanna McCabe, fitness runs in the family. Figure and Bikini pros and full-blooded siblings, the two form the social media phe- nomenon they call the Natural Fit Sisters. Hilary Grant is the older sister and tends to be a calming influence on her fiery sister. Five-foot-four, blonde, and voluptuous, she made a return to the stage after taking years off to raise chil- dren. When she and her husband started the supplement company Gains in Bulk, it reintroduced her to competitive fitness shows, and the bug to compete bit her once again. “I always worked out, but I kind of let the athlete in me go by the wayside,” Grant says. “I lost some weight, but it was more about regaining that muscle that I once had. It was a journey. It was probably a year between deciding to compete and getting onstage. It was a year of getting things straight again.” 64 JUNE 2017 | With bright red hair and a statuesque 6’1” height, Hanna McCabe stands out in a crowd. The younger sister and the youngest of the six siblings, she followed her sister to the stage. “Hilary was an influence in fitness for me,” McCabe says. “She started competing when I was in high school. I always looked up to her for that. When she re-entered after having a family, it inspired me to get going. I thought if I committed to a show, it would help me lose weight. I lost 55 pounds in nine months.” Don’t let their unique off-the-charts sex appeal fool you. The Natural Fit Sisters ooze value and integrity in every- thing they do. They compete in drug-test- ed shows, are all about family, and their favorite demographic to inspire are moms who can’t find the time to train. Even their villainous alter egos tend to be on the heroic side.