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FEATURES 34 HEALTH MAN MARK Australian fi tness infl uencer Mark Robinson is the next generation of hardcore health experts. Schooled in training, nutrition, and psychology, this “nice guy of fi tness” represents an educated, passionate, and articulate approach to helping people improve their bodies and their lives. ON THE COVER Mark Robinson Photography by Binais Begovic 44 STRANGER THINGS Repetition is the enemy of muscle growth. Initiate gains in your bi’s and tri’s with these unfamiliar exercises. Bodyweight, suspen- sion training, and underused weight-based exercises will give you a pair of pipes you’ll be proud to show off. 52 CUTTING CLASS Everyone thinks that getting shredded is a combination of organic chemistry, super- human willpower, and punishing workouts. Learn how easy it is to slowly but effectively tighten up your lifestyle and get those cuts to appear in your hard-earned muscles. 44 52 59 64 59 MUSCLE BLOCKS Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and the basis of new muscle. We look at the eight amino acid supplements you need for maximum gains, as well as optimum pumps, recovery, and a wealth of health benefi ts. 64 NATURAL FIT SISTERS Hilary Grant and Hanna McCabe are natural bikini pros, full-blooded sisters, and internet fi tness inspirations. Together they are the Natural Fit Sisters. They bring accountability, honesty, and some villainously fun sex appeal to the fi tness industry. 4 JUNE 2017 |