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IRONCLAD RULES TO RECOMPOSITIONING YOUR BODY FOR A LEANER BUT STILL MUSCULAR PHYSIQUE. BY JAY ASHMAN ABS ARE GREAT, AREN’T THEY? They are the default marker of a lean phy- sique and a reference point where people instantly know you either worked hard to achieve them or you are 154 pounds. For the sake of our purpose, let us assume you are not that 154-pound kid but instead approaching a respectable build that was created with lifting weights and eating to gain muscle. While abs are an achieve- ment in itself, the act of leaning up doesn’t have to culminate in striated glutes and paper-thin skin. Just dropping as little as 10 pounds can make you look incredibly leaner and more defined, without going to extremes of deprivation and misery. If you have read my rules for gaining size in the April 2017 edition of Iron Man, you will have learned more than most gym bros about gaining mass properly. If that is the case, you are already one step ahead of the game. That’s a victory for you and years of wasted work prevented. (Although, from then until now isn’t enough time to pack on quality mass; therefore, you will take this article and save it for that time when you want to cut down properly.) If you’re at the point where you’re ready to cut some fat, let’s get started. | JUNE 2017 53