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Biceps cont. Rack Curl You could consider the rack curl as the younger brother to the biceps pull-up. Here, you won’t need to pull your entire bodyweight up; instead, some of your weight will be sup- ported by the floor as you curl up. Position your body faceup under a fixed bar set at about hip level. Grasp the bar with an underhand grip at about shoulder width and your heels on the floor. Pull your body up to the bar while curling your arms toward your forehead while maintaining a straight posture with your entire body. After a peak contraction, lower back down with a slow and controlled motion. 3 4 TRICEPS Suspension Trainer Triceps Press You have to be a recluse if you haven’t heard of the incredible benefits of suspension trainers. With the ability to train anywhere utilizing your own body- weight, these devices like the TRX Trainer or a set of gymnastic rings have endless uses, and triceps are no exception. With a suspension trainer mounted overhead, grasp the handles and stand facing away from the trainer. Extend your body in a plank-like position with your feet on the floor and your arms straight out in front. Begin by bending only at your elbows while your hands pass by your head. After you feel an intense stretch in your triceps, reverse the action and straighten your arms back out for a contraction. Remember to keep your body in a rigid state from head to toe during the entire movement. 48 JUNE 2017 | 5 Rope Pull Big, peaked biceps are wonderful sights to behold, but there are some of us who want them to perform as impressively as they look. What good are big biceps without real-world function to go along with them? The practi- cal job of the biceps is to pull, and rope pulls train just that, plus some. Affix a rope to a push/pull sled loaded with weights manageable for you to pull. Ei- ther with a stable wide stance or seated with your feet braced, pull the sled toward you, avoiding leaning back excessively. Don’t have a sled? Just tie a rope to a stack of plates and pull away.