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Biceps Biceps Pull-Up Pull ups are arguably the greatest exercise in existence for building a big wide back, but have you ever thought about using your own bodyweight for building bigger biceps? Let’s turn this ultimate back builder into a biceps-centric punisher with a simple shift in form. Grab a pull-up bar with a shoulder-width underhand grip. Traditionally, you would arch your back and try to keep your arms out of the picture for back stimula- tion, but here you’ll round your back slightly and focus on curling your body up to the bar with your biceps. Squeeze for a peak contraction at the top before slowly returning to the starting position. 1 2 Order On-Line 24/7 Kettlebell Static Hold Kettlebells aren’t just for swinging; they can be effective tools for a myriad of reasons. Their uneven weight distribution can give any workout a new and unique experience forcing your body to keep up and adapt. There’s no reason your biceps can’t benefit from a little kettlebell work. Grab a pair of heavy kettlebells and bring them into the top position of an arm curl. This will be a static-hold exercise, so it’s important not to rest the weight in this top position; instead, lower the weight an inch or two so there’s constant tension applied. Hold the kettlebells in this position for a count of 20 or 30 seconds for each set. HOME AND COMMERCIAL FITNESS EQUIPMENT FACTORY DIRECT! 1,000’S OF PRODUCTS TO CHOOSE FROM! Home and Commercial Gyms Strength Equipment Single-Stack Functional Trainers Cardio Treadmills w ww w w.f itne ss fa c to r y. c o m or o r CA L L 1.80 1.800 0 . 3 8 3 . 9 3 0 0 • • • • • Ships fast/Assembly available Lo west pr i ces gu a ra nte e d Fi na nci n g a v a i l a bl e Gi ft cer t i f i ca te s Sa ve B IG o n ov e rs toc ks, fl oor m o d el s , cl os e outs & r efur bi s h ed e qu i pme nt Kettlebells, Plates, & Dumbbells Power Bars Power Racks Ellipticals Accessories Multi-Stack COMMERCIAL EQUIPMENT GSA # GS03F0152Y Benches Bikes Commercial Rigs, Racks, Strength Circuits, Treadmills, Ellipticals, Bikes, Storage, Flooring Markets Served Military/Government • Corporate Facilities Parks and Recreation • Police Stations Multi-Housing • Fitness Centers Fire Departments • Rehab and Medical Universities/Colleges • Hotels and Spas High Schools • Personal Training Studios SHOP AT ANY OF OUR 4 CHICAGOLAND SUPERSTORES CHICAGO 773.395.4100 FOREST PARK 708.427.3599 MUNDELEIN AURORA 847.566.5395 630.978.7525 | JUNE 2017 61 5.15.15