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Nothing grabs the average passerby’s attention more than a great set of guns. Arms that fill out a T-shirt are the de- sire of almost everyone who has ever touched a weight and yearned to pack on muscle. Summer is here, and it’s time to strip off the bulky outerwear and show off your hard work for all to see. The cold months are over, and hopefully you’ve done your homework. You’ve most likely focused on the big, compound lifts for gains in strength and bulky size. When it’s time to define, de- velop, and shred, you want your arms to shine. But what if after all that toil in the gym you find that your guns are more like squirt guns than cannons? What if you’ve curled away and performed every pressdown in the book but still have less than impressive artillery to show for it? Curling For Days Most lifters live and die by the biceps curl. Additionally, they normally finish an arm day with a few sets of cable press- downs thrown in at the end. Barbell, dumbbell, concentration, and preacher curls will all make an appearance at some point on your arm-lifting docket along with rope, V-bar, overhead, and reverse-grip cable pressdowns. Set after set and rep after rep you strain, squeeze, and pummel your arms into submission without much added muscle. Something’s amiss. You defi- nitely need a new approach to training your biceps and triceps. Let’s take a look at a completely different (but not so new) perspective on arm growth. Do Your Homework Right The first order of business is to make sure you’re using the big, compound lifts for chest, back, and shoulder work. Lift- ing big weight and focusing on strength, at least temporarily, will add size natural- ly to your arms. Ask yourself: Have you ever seen someone perform countless pull-ups and row a ton of weight with tiny biceps? How about those who bench press or shoulder press big num- bers? Do they have wimpy triceps? You need to concentrate on the big lifts so that your arms will be passively exposed to intense loads. Secondly, let’s ditch the ultra-focused arm training for the time being and cut down on the volume of work. Scared? Don’t be. You won’t shrink overnight. If anything, you’ll give your overworked bi- ceps and triceps and little breather while exposing them to new, growth-inducing stimulation. Alternative Exercises Arm curls and triceps cable work are wonderful things—they just need to be thought of as finishers rather than major lifts. Think of it this way: After multiple 46 JUNE 2017 | KAI SPENCER AGE: 33 LIVES: Los Angeles, CA PROFESSION: Kaiser Permanente Communications Operator LIKES: Reading, the gym DISLIKES: Arrogant people FAVORITE DRINK: Diet Coke or sugar-free Red Bull Favorite Movie: 300 ULTIMATE VACATION: Costa Rica WHO WOULD YOU CAST TO PLAY YOURSELF IN A MOVIE? Will Smith DESERT ISLAND EXERCISES: Overhead skull crushers, bench presses, squats FAVORITE CHARITY OR CAUSE: Anything with dogs SPONSORS: Darc Sport, SteelFit INSTAGRAM: kai_spencer_ sets of bench presses, pull-ups, and rows your arms are spent. Do you think they need a heavy day all to themselves full of isolation ɍ͕̰ȁѡͥ䁹)ͽѥٕ́Ѽ͠ɕѥձѥݽɭ)ݥɔȁѕɹѥٔ́ɥ́ɍ͕́ѼѼ)ɴ͕ݥѡЁѡ́ɱɕ͑ݹ́ѡЁٕٔ)ѱѼѡɕɸ%4)Q]ɭ) ܁́ͅѕɹѥٔɴɽɅԁЁѼхЁ͔Aəɴݽɬ)Ёȁݕȁѽхݼɴݽɭ̸ٕ͕ٕ́)Q]ɭЀ)aI %M)M͕)I ɰ)IQɥ́Aɕ)M͕)-ѱMхѥ!)Aє1Qɥ) )]=I-%9MQL)IMPQH MUAIMP(̴Ё͕́)ɕ́)ͥ(̴Ё͕͕́)ȁхѥ)ɕ́ȁ̀)Q]ɭЀ)aI %M)]=I-%9MQL)IMPQH MUAIMP)M͕) ́AձU)MͥQɅ)Qɥ́Aɕ̴̀Ё͕́)ɕ́)ͥ)M͕)IAձ]ѕ)Qɥ́AɅ]Ѡ)=!Ì̴Ё͕͕́)ȁхѥ)ɕ́ȁ̀