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10 a.m. And I won’t have carbohydrates until lunch. I usually have porridge for breakfast, but on that day I’ll have scrambled eggs whites with just one yolk and some vegetables. I feel like that works wonders because the body expects to get carbs and doesn’t expect the cardio. So twice a week I shock it. Also, my supplement line, 360Health, produces acetyl-l-carnitine, and I feel like that helps the process even more. Carnitine transports fat to the mito- chondria where it can be metabolized into energy. I always start the day with a carnitine shot. MC: What other supplements do you take on a daily basis? MR: I take carnitine every morning and then I take it again before I do any kind of training. I get a good 15 grams of BCAAs a day—10 grams during training and then I just sip on another five grams Go to our YouTube channel to see behind-the-scenes: ironmanmagazine. 42 JUNE 2017 | all day. I’ll add 40 grams of whey protein isolate to my porridge in the morning and then I have it post-training, and I have it again at night typically as a dessert blended into a smoothie with some frozen berries or with some yogurt. And I always have glutamine. I have 10 grams post-training and another 10 grams before bed. 360Health makes it so I know it’s pure, natural, and has no artificial flavors. want to be the good guy in the industry and to be someone who never shows any arrogance. I want to show that I am a family guy, well-spoken, educated, and a hard worker. MC: What are your goals over the next few years? MR: I’d like to spend more time in Amer- ica and create more opportunity. I’d like to be an influencer or ambassador with some big sporting brands, whether it’s clothing or grooming products. If I could MC: What impact do you want to get into acting in movies or commer- make on the fitness world? MR: I want to really push the importance cials, I would take that route for sure. At the same time, $ٕٔ)ɥѥ%Ё́ԁٔѼ)ɔ%ѡЁ܁啅́́Ʌ)ͅɥɅ͕ͥѼͽ)ɕɅѥȁ͡ѡɥѥЁ́ȁ䁍̰)ٕ!ѠѼ͕)ͼиͼ$݅ЁѼ͡܁ѡЁ)ɽչѡݽɱ'e)eЁѼѼЁ役͔$)݅ЁѼ͡܁ѡЁɐݽɬͥѕݥѠѡи%4)䰁ѥ͕͍ɔɅ)ԁѼٔȁ̸$