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protein. I have very moderate carbohy- drates. I’m not scared of carbs, but I eat them mostly around training. I eat oats, rice, sweet potatoes, rice cakes, some different cereal and whole grains, but not at night. I cut it off about five p.m. I get about 150 grams of carbs a day. My fats are pretty low, probably about 70 grams a day of healthy fats. I eat some nuts and avocado and what I get from fish or tuna, but I don’t go looking for extra fat. MC: What do you do for your abs? MR: I go as heavy as I can in my resis- tance training, so that constantly switch- es on my core. I always include power movements such as deadlifts, squats, and weighted pull-ups, so they activate my core, and over the years my abs have gotten more developed. I do isolated ab training at the end of a session for about 10 minutes, three days a week. It will be a simple circuit of four or five stations, two minutes per station. My trick with abs is not to go too fast and not for a set number of reps. Instead, I set a time and do it slowly. It doesn’t matter how many reps you do but that you feel it through the whole abdominal muscles. MC: Do you have any secrets for staying so lean? MR: Absolutely. Twice a week I do fasted cardio. It is typically a 45-minute brisk walk, but then I won’t have breakfast. I’ll skip the morning meal and eat around “MY TRICK WITH ABS IS NOT TO GO TOO FAST AND NOT FOR A SET NUMBER OF REPS. INSTEAD, I SET A TIME AND DO IT SLOWLY.” 40 JUNE 2017 |