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MC: When you look at the IFBB Men’s Physique athletes, what do you think? MR: There are a few I can see myself matching with. I see physiques that fit with mine. I have always liked Steve Cook’s physique. He has the look, as well as the hair. It’s not only the physique that is aes- thetically pleasing. I think that would be my category. MC: You manage to be athletic and aesthetic. Do you train for that? MR: I have a very athletic background. Tennis, surfing, and rugby were all big sports for me. I do quite a bit of cardio, and I thinks that keeps me looking athletic and my body fat percentage low. I lift weights typically four session a week, for one hour. I split them into bodyparts: chest and triceps, back and biceps, legs, and then shoulders with some more arms. I’m off from lifting weights or strenuous cardio two days a week, but I might do a yoga class or go for a walk. MC: That’s a pretty ordinary workout routine. Does your diet get a lot of cred- it for your look? MR: I feel like nutrition is the major key to getting my results. Ninety percent of my choices every day al 啅ȁɔѡ丁$)Ё̸͠Ёٕ)$ѼٔɅ́ѥ()U9܁ɽ饹)5I,I= %9M=8-!1Q 585I,))!%!P׊dNJt)]%!Ṕչ)1%YL аɅ)Y=I%QaI %M )1MPY=I%QaI %M Ʌ͕)IQMP%Q9ML%9MA%IQ%=8MٕѕȁMх) MP%Q9ML ==,e=T!YYHIɹM݅镹ˊé危)5ɸ ե)]%IMP!1Q!d==e=TPIU1I1d$չᕐݥѠ)͍Ʌ̰х͔䁉̰ٽ)]!P]=U1 e=UH1MP50=8IQ Ёѕȁ)ѽݥѠͱɥݥѠ͡45)e=UH1MP1%Q%5QIM=8=HM-%AA%9]=I-=UPЁѡ)ѡ啅Ȱ$ЁѡݽЁ'eٕٔȁݥѠͥٔͥ́ѥ$݅)ՍȁٕȁݕQ崁ݹȁѕɅ䁍Ѽ$)͔$ٕȁ͕ѡЁ䁑́Ʌ)