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Mike Carlson: Why the nickname “Health Man Mark” and not “Fit Man Mark”? Mark Robinson: It made sense because it covers nutrition, training, and the men- tal side as well. I have degrees in psy- chology, exercise science, and nutrition, so I think that “health” covers it all. And that is where I set myself apart. There are plenty of fitness trainers out there, but I feel that with a degree in psychology and my master’s degree in nutrition and dietetics, I show that it’s all about health as well as looking good. MC: Do you find you use your psy- chology degree when you train your clients as much as your exercise science degree? MR: Yes. So much of it is the mind, the mental struggle to stay disciplined and “I WANT TO REALLY PUSH THE IMPORTANCE OF NUTRITION. IF IT MEANS YOU HAVE TO SACRIFICE A TRAINING SESSION TO DO SOME FOOD PREPARATION OR FOOD SHOPPING, THEN SO BE IT.” get through the different moods. You have to cater to the individual. In every- thing, I’m trying to change my approach depending on the personality. Some clients need that more vocal push, and others need that tender approach. MC: Have you thought about doing a Men’s Physique show? MR: I won the Fitness Model division of the 2013 Musclemania Worlds in Las Vegas in 2013. I didn’t get back onstage because I feel like I was able to use that to step into a coaching role. I’d rather be there for my clients and support them and be backstage for them. I feel like I got onstage and I’m happy to leave on top. 36 JUNE 2017 |