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AUSTRALIAN HEALTH EXPERT AND NUTRITION ADVOCATE MARK ROBINSON IS THE NICE GUY OF FITNESS. BY MIKE CARLSON PHOTOGRAPHY BY BINAIS BEGOVIC When Americans think of the average Aus- tralian, we usually picture someone who is blond, tan, and jacked, kind of like Chris Hemsworth with a surfboard. Aussie fi t- ness expert Mark Robinson exactly fi ts that description: golden bronze, abs you can strike a match off of, hair that would make Justin Bieber jealous, and he is actually a very good surfer. The irony is, Robinson is the rare exception. Like so many other coun- 34 JUNE 2017 | tries, Australia has been affected by the global obesity epidemic and many are in terrible shape. Robinson (who goes by the moniker “Health Man Mark”) has devoted his career to improving the health and fi tness of his fellow countrymen. The highly educated trainer, model, and supplement entrepreneur is spreading his message of conscientious nutrition Down Under and hopes to bring it to the United States and the rest of the globe.