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IM INDUSTRY INSIDER “I lecture regularly to my peers in the area about the importance of sports nutrition and how it can apply to surgical nutrition,” Prisk says. “I give a talk every year about what orthopedic surgeons can learn from sports nutrition. I talk about how all the clinical stud- ies, such as a creatine’s effect on post-sur- gical metabolism or adding protein to your patient’s recovery.” Prisk is particularly excited about the relaunch of Beyond Raw, a supplement line that is sold exclusively at GNC. Beyond Raw is a game-changer in the market, leading the industry in efficacious dosing, clinically prov- en ingredients, and transparency in labeling. Mike Carlson: Does your experience as a surgeon give you a specialized view into that patient’s nutritional status? Dr. Victor Prisk: Absolutely. You can see thinner skin, muscle atrophy, weakness in general, all of which can indicate inadequate nutrition especially when it comes to protein. I see a lot of that in the general populations, not so much my athlete patients. I emphasize with all my patients that they start with a mul- tivitamin with minerals and then add whey protein to their post-operative regimen, and even their pre-operative regimen. If someone is going to be non-weight-bearing or not using a limb, I have them take HMB. If they 32 JUNE 2017 | will have stiffness or arthritis, I have them get on some fish oil and glucosamine. I try to hit them at all angles. Every single patient I see in Pittsburgh takes a vitamin D supplement because of the lack of sunlight in our longi- tude and latitude. MC: Tell me about the relaunch of Beyond Raw. Dr. Prisk: The entire Beyond Raw line has been revamped. They have huge team of leading scientists that make sure the new products are compliant with their claims and that what they are putting in is safe and effec- tive. Everything is completely transparent. In- stead of the pixie-dusting of non-efficacious doses or protein spiking you see from other companies, Beyond Raw takes pride in using very high-quality ingredients. They always do a ton of oversight in their production lines, and their ingredient acquisition is very strict, from the ground to the mixer. MC: I notice that each Beyond Raw prod- uct contains several patented ingredients. Is that a part of Beyond Raw’s commit- ment to quality? Dr. Prisk: It certainly is. When you use pat- ented ingredients, you are definitely looking to put out a higher-end product. It sometimes leads to a more expensive product, but to get those patents, you have to prove there is worthiness. If you don’t have a clinical study to support that patent, you don’t fly. MC: What is your personal favorite Beyond Raw supplement? Dr. Prisk: My favorite is the Iso-Peptide Protein. I think it’s a really nice blend of high-quality protein. Whey hydrolysate and whey isolate are very rich sources of leucine and complete pro- tein. And then on top of that, the extra leucine is a total bonus. You add in the collagen protein, and it’s something that an old guy like me can really latch onto. It’s my go-to. MC: In your opinion, what’s an exciting area of supplementation right now? Dr. Prisk: The most exciting area I see is the nootropic market—things like NeuroFactor. We all need a little extra focus and help getting our motivation going. I think there is a lot of stuff on the market an ]\[ܙYY[]\B[]X[KHوX\H\\Z\Y[\\وHZ[ XHۛX[ۈ[ܝ˂]\Y X۝Z[]\јX܋[X\][ܙYY[˂PΈ[H\^[ۙ]Y\B\[‘\ΈH[]\X[H]^H]BH^[ۙ][Z\HXˈ^H[B\HZ[H\T\YH[[H[˜]]H]H]وK]ܚ]\[[B܈[]]HHܙX][H][[] [H[]HZ^[\H[X[HYY \]X[ B]H[H[ܙYY[[[\ۈ]Hܛ][B[H]H[Y^\[Y[][ۋ]B]8&\[YH[Z\HX\Y\ˈ[[\H\H\Z[[ܙYY[]ܚ]\܈[H[[H[[\[H\ [H[] [H[]H]H^\Y[X[][\[S