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IM INDUSTRY INSIDER Science You Can Trust Orthopedic surgeon, IFBB pro, and nutritional consultant, Dr. Victor Prisk is a reliable advocate for the power of supplements. I t can be easy to become cynical about dietary supplements. Every other week there seems to be a story about a product that does not contain what the manufacturer claims on the label. Other products contain so little of an active ingredient you’d need four servings to get an effect. It can feel like supplements are created by number-crunching accountants or marketing hucksters rather than scien- tists or fellow bodybuilders. So, who can you trust? We went to Dr. Victor Prisk, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and longtime consultant of GNC. A former All-American gymnast, Prisk became interested in bodybuilding during his surgical residency at the University of Pittsburgh. He won his IFBB pro card as a welterweight bodybuilder and later competed as a pro in the Classic Physique division. As a clinician, pro athlete, and supplement industry expert, Prisk reviews new products from an incredibly well-in- formed perspective. His knowledge and experience allows him to recognize differ- ences in quality and veracity between the various products vying for space and atten- tion in the marketplace. Ultimately, Prisk is passionate about the role of high-quality supplements in the regimen of athletes and non-athletes alike, and is a tireless advocate for brands that have displayed diligence, integrity, and transparency. 30 JUNE 2017 | By Mike Carlson