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T2B TWIG TO BIG Stimulate Vs Annihilate By Vince Del Monte Make sure you are hitting your muscles—not your ego—in the gym. Less Is More The answer lies in Haney’s famous quote: “Stimulate, don’t annihilate.” Haney trained hard, but more importantly, he trained smart. He never used as much weight in training as he could have because he always understood the risk-to-benefits ratio. Lee learned how to build his body without relying on too much weight. While he could squat 400 to 500 pounds or more, he stuck with 315 pounds so that he could save his spine from the pressure. Meanwhile, you have the other eight-time Mr. Olympian, Ronnie Coleman, who was known for squatting up to 800 pounds and 14 JUNE 2017 | S ome of the biggest BS advice in fitness, the kind of stuff that I hate the most, is anything associated with the theme of “destroy it” or “beast mode” or “leave it all on the gym floor.” In my mind, all of these saying promote just one thing: exhaustion. The entire industry is obsessed with seek- ing exhaustion! From 15 years of experience in the industry, I can tell you straight up that this “seeking exhaustion” mindset is killing your gains. Achieving a lean, strong, and muscular body is not about chasing exhaustion, it’s about managing exhaustion. Your workouts are meant to leave you invigorated, not destroyed. You should always be leaving the gym with a few more reps left in the tank. You do not need to leave it all in a sweaty puddle on the gym floor. Let’s talk about the iconic eight-time Mr. Olympia champion Lee Haney for a moment. Haney retired at 31 years old. He achieved a feat that puts him in the legendary class of bodybuilders, surpassing even Arnold h ͕)5Ёɕٕͥ䰁1́́́)́ɥ̰Ёٕ䁹)̸Q́䁉ȁٕɅ̰)ЁЁѡɼٕѡٕ́́Ʌɔ)ѽ䁅׊e)ѡȀ́́ݥѠչ䁱Ё)ɥ́ѡЁՑѡɥѥ́Ѡ͡ձ̰)́ѥձѕ́ѡ̰ݕ)ɝɥ̰ѥѕ̰Ʌ̰)ɥձ̰ѡЁ́)]䁑ͽ̀ݡeЁٕѡ)ȁ٥Ёɔѡ)1!䁅ѡȁɕЁե)Iɤ11Ʌ5 ɥѥ)M命MݸI䰁YQ屽Ȱ)ݡٕٔ䁙܁ɥɥ́ȁ)I=4ԁeIL=aAI%9 %8Q!%9UMQId)$ 8Q10e=TMQI%!PU@Q!PQ!%LqM-%9)a!UMQ%=;t5%9MP%L-%11%9e=UH%9L)ɕͥɔѡѽԁѡӊe)ѡЁÍٔ)ɝɥٕ́ȁѡЁ͕ٕɅ啅́ѽ)٥Ѡ́ɕ)$ȁѡչ́ݡ)ѡȁeQՉ̀͡܁䁍̴)٥ȁݕ́ȁɔ٥̤)ѡȁݽɭ́她Ѽ́)́ͥQ䁅ɔɅЁȁ)͕ɅѥѡȀ̰̰̰)ѡ䁑eЁٕ܁и)$ͽɕ͕ɍ!éЁɅ)͔́饹͡ձ̸Օ)܁䁡ݕЁ͡ձȁɕ͕M)չյ̰Ʌɔͥ)Ёٔ́䁅̀)!܁ѥ́ٔԁɥѼ͔)ݕ́ѡЁԁձɑ䁵ٕ)ݥѠѕ1ЁѕQ٥)ԁɅܰѡɔɔ׊eѡ)ɥѕȸ) ͔ȁݕ́ݥ͕丁U͔)՝ݕЁѼЁѡQ)ɔ!ݕ́ɔѽЁѡ䁅ɔ)ЁѡѥɔѽกQ䁄ɽ)Ѽхɕ!܁ԁ)Ѽٽɥ́׊eɔѥՅɕ)ȁ́ѥٔѥՕ́)ȁ͍ٕՅ׊e͕)ձѥѕ䁥ɕ)Mѡ͔ɥ́Ёͽ)ѡݥٕȁ݅䰁ݡ́׊e)݅́ѕݡЁԁѡ崸)%́ЁݽѠ)]ٔѡЁɕ̃qɔ)́ѕȳtЁѡ́́5ɔ́Ёѕȸ) ѕȁ́ѕȄ%ӊéɥѥݔ)ݡɔȁѡɕ́͡ѡ͍)͕ٕ́ѼхչɹѠи)ɽ܁ٕѥ׊eɔЁѼ)͕Ёݕа$݅ЁԁѼ͕ͬ+q]ѡ́ѥձєȁєt%4