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T2G TRAIN TO GAIN GEAR In The Bag By Amanda Burrill, MS The latest and greatest in must-have gym technology. W e’ve all arrived at the weight room only to discover that a major essential is MIA from our gym bag. A lot of gyms can help you out—for a price. I recently spent $12 on a pair of socks because I’d forgotten to bring one of my 700 pairs. So here’s a little cheat sheet of essen- tials that will make sure your bases are covered, not to mention my new favorite smell-proof gym bag to carry the whole shebang. APERA LOCKER PACK Cost: $129 Where to get: I’ve long been a fan of Apera bags based solely on the sanitized-infused antimicrobial product protection. It resists the formation of bacteria, fungal mildew, and nox- ious odors, inside and out. This Locker Pack, named because it has been strategically sized to fit in most gym lockers, carries everything you need with intelligent organization. I like the large capacity—33 liters of storage volume to be exact—and that the main compartment is acces YHH\\[[[[[H۝[ˈ[ܙH\[\[܂]8&\ۈHK]H܈HX][ MKZ[\ \XZ\܈H\X[K]]ܚY˂SӔTTԕ \H][ۜ\X˘BۙHوH]X[]Y\]]\H\\HB\]][ۈ\]^B^H]][\[B[Yܛ\ܚ]˂[H[Z\\HY\[ۙ\܂Y]\\ˈ]HTۙHT]X\HHH[[˜H\Y]YHوB]XZ\[]X\]X\8'Y]\X]\˸'HۙHۛXH]\X\H['\X]'HHYۘ[BXۙXZ\܈XY B] ]YX[[H[YH[YH[X˜\[\YK^H\B\XKX] \ً[\XK۸&]ܜHX]Hܝ\Z] QQTQTT MB\H]YY\˘B\Y[ۙH\ۜ[H\[Y\[[وX\H[^\š]H^H^Y\Y[Y܈Y][x&]H]\YY ܈H[Hx&]HY[HY\\ۈHY]وZH^Hۛ]^x&\H[HY]\H\X[YH[[BZHH\ܙH[H[YH][H\[\\Y\[[\XZYY[\\X]  H]]H\B\HYK\]X\\Z[Y[ Y[[[H][HXBY\][ۈ]ZYX[HY[ H]\HوBH\\][H] Y\[[HXK܈XHYKB\\Y\\\H^XH[X]XK[ZHYH \X[H[ BZYY[\\H\HY\]X[HX\[ˈ][H^O’HZH[Hx&[Hܚ[ۈ^H]\˂LSH M\ۛX[XY^[KBSTĤ MB\H]Ӑ˘H܈[\KB[[KHX]\HHYY܎H[Y\H[[YH\\[[\]\H\]وZ[\\H\[ܜH[[و[\Z[\XHHوBHܛZ[H]HZ[Y]۸&]YK]\ZY\X[[H[\]\\ˈH̋[HY܈] ̋[[H\X]K[\[Y\XH\H[B]]X\ ][HX\[\\HHYY[ܛ[قܛۙ\[\[ݘ][ۈ[[HX\[H[H\]]][[\[\ۈH] [[][H\[H^\'[x'HKH[[]KYYH[\\\YK