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T2G TRAIN TO GAIN 1 1. Wide-Grip Incline Pulldown Back Blaster Set an incline bench to about 70 degrees and place it about a foot or two in front of a high cable station, with the underside of the bench facing the weight stack. Attach a long lat-pulldown bar to the upper pulley and take a greater-than-shoulder-width overhand grip. Sit facing into the bench with your stomach pressed firmly against the pad, and your legs and feet back behind you. Begin with your arms straight and lats fully stretched. With no momentum or jerking, bring the bar slowly down to the clavicles while arching your lower back until you feel an intense contraction all the way from the upper back down to the lumbars. Hold for a moment and then return to the starting position. A B 2 2. Incline Overhead Front Raise Deltoid Destroyer Set an incline bench to about 60 degrees and place it a few feet in front of a lower pulley with the front of bench facing the weight stack. Attach a short straight bar and take a shoulder-width overhand grip. Sit back on the bench with your arms held straight and downward toward the low pulley. The bar should be a few inches above your thighs at the beginning of each rep. While keeping your arms straight, slowly raise the bar up and back in an arc until your hands are in position higher than your head. Contract the shoulders hard and then carefully lower the bar (by reversing the arc) to the starting position while resisting every inch of the way. B A 3 3. Incline Extension/Pushdown Triceps Thrasher Set an incline bench to about 60 degrees and place it a few feet in front of a high cable station. The underside of bench should be facing the weight stack. Connect a rope attachment to the upper pulley. Lie back on the incline bench and have someone hand you the rope from overhead. Begin with your elbows locked firmly into the sides of your torso and fists a few inches in front of your face. Forcefully push both down and outward (making this a “hybrid” of both a pushdown and extension) until your arms are locked out and the triceps fully contracted. Then, while your elbows remain in place, resist the eccentric contractions until once again back in the starting position. 10 JUNE 2017 | A B