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T2G TRAIN TO GAIN INCREASE YOUR MUSCLE, NOT YOUR GUT Cable Conundrum By Eric Broser How to get more out of your gym’s pulley system. 1 2 3 8 JUNE 2017 | L et’s face it, sometimes resistance training can get a little redundant. Even in a gym fi lled with ample free weights, a plethora of machines, and multiple cable stations, you will more than likely fi nd yourself repeat- ing the same exercises over and over again, week in and out. And while this is certainly okay in your fi rst few years of lifting, this kind of repetition will eventually lead to stagna- tion, frustration, and plateaus, resulting from pure boredom—of both your mind and your muscles. As a competitive bodybuilder, trainer, and prep coach for over 25 years, I have always stressed the need for variety in any sound long-term training program. The simple act of altering not only sets and reps but also angles, grips, stances, and/or planes of motion (on just about any specifi c exercise) will have a different effect on your body and utilize a unique set of motor-unit pools within the target muscle. In the short term, this can make training more interesting, and in the long run, far more productive. One of my favorite places to experiment with “out of the box” twists on basic exer- cises is at the cable crossover station. I’m constantly thinking about how our muscles “work” and trying to come up with new ways to ^]\ [ܙHZH[[\ H[KHYZܘHH]\\] \ [ [۝XY[\]YH\]^B]H]\X[]][\KH[Y]H]\\ۙHوH^\[[ۙx&\[[]X[X[܈]\[\][Y[ ]]]\KXZ[[[Z[ \B\HYH\[HY[[ݙ[Y[[H[š[[[[H[Y\X[[K^HۛB\]Z\H[Y\XH[[H[ \\[\X\[H][[ۈ[^B]XY[ˈ]XXو\H^\\\Y[YH^\[Y[]H[HوB[ \][^Y [Yوܚ\ B[ܙH\Y]H[HܘH\ۈ[\]\\H[ܙH\]H][Y[^H[XXXY]K