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Since Telomeres are the protein endcaps on chromosomes found in the human body. They are the cells controlling your body’s biological clock and its aging process. Each time a cell within your body replicates, a small part of these endpoints is effectively lost. As we age, telomeres gradually shrink. The Science Says The BYU research team determined individuals who engaged in demand- ing physical activity like high intensity weight training and cardiovascular exercise had longer telomeres than those whose lifestyles were much more sedentary. In fact, the researchers con- cluded regular intense exercise could present a boost of nine years versus those who lived a sedentary lifestyle. Needless to say, a whole lot of world travel can be done in nine more years. We should note the study also stated that those who practiced a high level of physical activity had a seven-year benefit from it as compared to those who exhibited a moderate level of ac- tivity. They considered females jogging for 30 minutes, five days a week and males jogging for 40 minutes, five days a week, as a high level. The specific mechanism responsible for preservation of the telomeres is unknown. But it stands to reason that intense exercise might alter and alto- gether suppress oxidative stress and inflammation leading to better health and longevity. You already know from our previous articles that inflammation is what leads to cellular degradation and ultimately one of the many diseases of aging like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, “ Researchers concluded regular intense exercise could present a boost of nine years versus those who lived a sedentary lifestyle. “ the beginning of time, scientists and researchers have been searching for the fountain of youth to reverse the ag- ing process. If you’re a regular reader of Iron Man and this column, it’s likely you also gravitate to articles and headlines with the words “bio-hack,” “anti-aging” and “life extension” in them. What if we told you the optimal way to extend your life was to continue living the IM lifestyle all the way until the end? Based on the newest research from Brigham Young University (BYU), it appears that’s exactly what you should be doing. According to the research- ers, the best method to tone down the aging process is intense exercise. This is noticed at the cellular level in the length of telomeres. Alzheimer’s and more. What more evidence do you need to understand the amazing benefits that intense exercise (both through resistance and cardiovascular training) bestows upon lifespan? What You Should Do We wouldn’t be performing our due diligence with this column if we didn’t offer you an excellent training proto- col to take advantage of this newest research. Of course, we don’t recom- mend jogging, as it is a high impact movement, which creates shearing forces dangerous to an aging athlete’s joints and tendons over time. As we’ve previously discussed, nothing outperforms building muscle through resista 6RWW&66RW"&w&ffW'0FR&VVfG2bW66R'VFr@6&Ff67V"WW&66RF2&w&Ч6VB&RW&f&VBvF֖VЧFRBVVff'BR6V@FR"Gv6WG2W"WW&66R@RFF&VRWW&66W2W"&G'BB6VFrv&W6WG2V66W@2FRF6FfRW66RfW&RF0֖vBV^( &RW&f&֖r#F3&W2W"6WBBF2vVVF( 26W7BFVG2'0F"( 2Vw26fW2'0F2( 2Gv3֖WFR7FVG7FFP6&F6W762f"#RC%ҐFB( 2&6G&2'0FR( 2&2'0FbBFr( 26WfVCR֖WFP7FVG7FFR6&F6W762f #RC%Ґ7WVVFVvR6vVBB&RFrW""`vRFF( BffW"R7WVVG2@VF6F2FW6R6&FvFF2G&r&w&F&VGV6P6VV"fFvBfw2&PƗ7Bb7WVVG2FBR֖v@vBF66FW"WFf&֖( 2FW6RvW"7VƖW7W&RfW"FRvFW72f67V fFRFVVBF7F.( 0&W67&F66FW"Fr#Sw0Fw&FWVFr&GvVvB&GGRBvWFW"^( &RP"fVR7W&7V֖( 2F2v&2'&VGV6rFPVBbGvfF'V秖W2B4"R֖vB66FW Fr2FRw&2FWVFrvWFW"^( &RW&VBf"7FЦF&FVBfW'6v2FRvFfBVv2fGG6G2( 27WVVFpvFVv2vV6vRFR&FbVv2FVvbW"&GFR&RVvbBW72Vv2FR&RfFvBF6PvVB&RBFbw&2W"F'&V( 2FF7VvvW7G2F0憖&G2&֖fF'f7F'2g&Цf&֖rvFWBffV7FrFRFЦfF'W266FW"FrPF"w&2W"Fद6&V2FRWF"bFR3R7F"&FV@&WfW"w&GFVFW7F7FW&R&W6VV@FW&E%BFRFVfFfRE%BVFPfVFW"bE%E&WfWF6BFR7&VF"`FRE%B&WfWFF67B'&vv227WW"VgvVvB&G'VFW"f"fW"FVV'2FR7&VF"bf&vVBG&r@W&f&6R&fVVB7V6Ɨ7Bv066VBFW6G2FvWFW"FWv&F&VW76ǐFVvrfFW72VFW67G2&VƗRFV VFBfFW72v2&VBV6&R@E%E&WfWF6গ&vR6TuU5B#rs