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HYBRID TRAINING to unplug from the regular stresses and expectations of everyday life. It’s a place of meditation, internal growth and an authentic focus on oneself. So, why bring a cell phone (which is the complete antithesis of this concept) into the gym only to film for others to watch and judge, when the purpose is to unplug and self-improve? Trust me, no one is admiring your basic pull-up vid with a couple chains around your neck. You don’t look hardcore. And you’re certainly not special for doing it. Just stop already. Instead of spending the 20 extra minutes fixing the camera angles or, God forbid, the extra hour editing in post-production, why not take that 80 minutes and spend it on more training? After all, that’s what this whole gym thing is about, right? Don’t Brag, Just Work What’s even worse are those people who post and brag about every little feat they accomplish in the gym, most of which is completely mediocre. A 225-pound deadlift is not special. A 315-pound deadlift isn’t special. Heck, even a 405-pound deadlift is not that special. A line down your abdominal isn’t special. Lat pulldowns are not special. people who film arm workouts. Filming dumbbell curls has to be the most bor- ing content on the planet. I’d honestly rather watch Bob Ross paint a skyline on PBS. (His voice is quite soothing, isn’t it?) Unless you are shooting for a fitness magazine or a commercial, the