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IM HYBRID TRAINING NO LIGHTS! NO CAMERA! JUST ACTION! The gym isn’t the place to create content for your social media feed. By Eddie Avakoff You in the backwards hat and LIVFIT tank top with the tripod set up filming your 225-pound deadlifts (with terrible form, I might add). You’re filming mediocrity! That’s the problem with fitness in this day and age: The damn social media storm in the gym. Now before you go and call me a hater or even a hypocrite (since my gym is powered by social media), I’d like to begin by saying there’s a time and a place for social media. And for God’s sake, there’s an acceptable quantity. Many are simply overdoing it. 68 AUGUST 2017 | Ready For Your Close Up? Say you want to film your top set of the day, maybe a PR or something significant, please, by all means, be my guest. But filming every single set, every single rep, usually of nothing particularly special (for example, 165-pound lat pulldowns for sets of 12), just get out! I can’t stand it. Sometimes I think there are people who wouldn’t even be in the gym had they not fully charged their Hero 4 the night before. Newsflash: No one gives a damn about your lat pull- downs with a fisheye lens. And don’t get me started about