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If you’re like me, you want to know why every ingredient is included in my morning ritual drink. Let’s take a look at each to explain their health impact and why you’ll want to keep them in your home. Apple Cider Vinegar And Organic Lemon Juice Apple cider vinegar and organic lemon juice are phenomenal for removing unwanted toxins and bad bacteria from the GI tract. After years of constantly eating and processing a high quantity of protein, there’s a natural build-up of amino acids and bacteria that can clog the intestinal wall. My natural cleansing remedy is to combine both of these hyper acidic agents. I’ve found they help tremendously. Fermented Glutamine Fermented glutamine is my personal preference. The emphasis I put on fer- mented glutamine must be clearly un- derstood here because most synthetic glutamine supplements come from human hair or bird feathers! That’s not something I’d ever want to consume or recommend, so I only use Kaged Muscle fermented glutamine. Turmeric And Bioperine Turmeric is one of the oldest natural healers for the gut. In fact, it’s been used in different parts of the world for over 4,000 years! Although it is acknowledged to have many other benefits, its ability to soothe the gut makes it a very popular supplement and the main reason it’s in my drink. The curcumin found in turmeric may significantly reduce inflammation, which can help address issues like IBS and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Turmeric is also said to help the gall- bladder produce bile. This can help the GI tract process food more easily. If food is broken down more efficiently, then the rate of assimilation may improve, leading to better absorption, recovery and energy. For this same reason, turmeric is known to be a great way of suppressing bloating. It’s essential that bioperine be included otherwise the body can struggle to utilize the turmeric, missing out on the health benefits. That’s why I add this independently to my mixture. Cinnamon Cinnamon helps relieve excessive stomach gas gathering within the GI tract and causing abdominal discom- fort. It has specific agents that break down and relieve gas, allowing the whole digestive system to operate more efficiently. Greens Powder Greens powder yields so many benefits for the GI tract! The addition of extra fiber helps the gut process food better and removes bad toxins. Specifically, “ Most of my meals contain soluble and insoluble fiber, usually relying on fresh veggies as my main source. Ingredients and foods that may irritate my GI tract, such as gluten with its inflammatory effects, are limited. “ The Ingredients Upon waking, I always drink a con- coction made of apple cider vinegar, organic lemon juice, fermented gluta- mine, turmeric, cinnamon, bioperine, greens powder, kefir and magnesium. I won’t lie, this mixture doesn’t taste amazing, but the health benefits of each ingredient are worth it. Once I’ve finished this drink, I’ll chase it down with a teaspoon of manuka honey. It isn’t just the sweet taste that I appreciate. This naturally healing honey is packed with plenty of health benefits, too. the phytonutrients that are found in super greens aid in the management of toxins. Improved regularity is an- other common benefit of consuming a greens drink, thanks to the fiber. This is important because it’s the body’s way of removing the toxins 6V7FVB@FRv7FR&GV7G2FW&R&R6ƶƗr&W'FW2F66FW"g&w&VVfVvWF&W2@w&76W2F22WfV&R&VWfBf VRv67VRv&FVFWB66FW&rFBN( 2GW&ǐ6F2frVF&6PV2FvW7FfR&6W76W2v60FW"&V66VFRw&VV2גG&शVf wW'B2gFV&Vv&FVB2FRF'&GV7Bb66Rf"&&F72'W@Vf"7GVǒ6F2f"&R֖7&Ц&v62bF2f&WGR6W'fpbVf"66FWF37G&2`&&F2v626vf6Fǒ&PFFW"F'&GV7G27F&6W2Vf&2VVR&&ЦF2FVf"N( 2&VƖWfVBFV&V@&7FW&fV7F2vFFRwWBv6V2vF&6W76rVff6V7B6&FV7G2v7BW726PFRG&7B2&VV6V6VBvFFPR6FW"fVv"BVV6RfBBW76VFF&WV6BvFvB&7FW&BVf"2FRW&fV7@w&VFVBf"FBvW6VФW"֖7&&R2FRWb&ЦƖ2b&7FW&v66&RV6ǐfVV6VB'FVƖ6FRf&&W2bF06VB&V6W2rFRwWB67VffW"rvFFW"gV7F2766ЦFVBvFFRtG&7BvW6V0&VƖWfVBFVVFFRFR&6PbVF&7FW&FRwWB6WfW&7GVFW2F6FRFBvW6V0fW''FB&RwWBVFVW6R( fR67VVBג662ЧFbFRf&VVFVBw&VFVG2f6Fw2fbvFFV7`VWF27V6f&WG`W2fW'FVBF֖7&&2&W7VBB6V&VGV6R&7FW&fV7F26FRFRtG&7BF2V0vFF66f'BvFFRwWB2vV277VW26W6VB'Fw2ƖR7&B6VW26VffV2ЧFfRBF2FBN( 27GVǒW6VB2GW&&VVGf"v7G&F2&W3ЦVW2fF7F26W&6Rb 6WfF֖2B֖W&2W&fV7@f"VvFVrVRVFFN( 2BFW&R&RFW"Fw2( FWfW'FFVגtG&7B7F2VF076&Rf"7F6R7BbאV26F6V&RB6V&Pf&W"W7Vǒ&Vǖrg&W6fVvvW20ג6W&6Rw&VFVG2BfG0FB'&FFRגtG&7B7V60vWFVvFG2fF'VffV7G2&PƖ֗FVBfǒBF22WG&ЧF2v2&&FVBFVא&G&6W72FR6&W267VRऒG&BV7BRvbvFW"W FgFVvFFFVBVV7G&ǗFW2g&ФvVBW66^( 2G&6&vRFVVWVF&6RbFW6RfF6&vW2ג&GखbRfRVVR667F0RRW'6Vb( BƖRFV"&W@FV7Fw&7BBFrP&4vWF6Fvvr6ƗfWFগ&vR6TuU5B#rc