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IM TRANSFORMER MORNING RITUAL TO LIVE TO 100 Focusing on your GI tract could lead to better health and body composition. By Kris Gethin I have always thrived on maximizing my health practices, which has evolved into very precise daily routines to optimize my health and longevity. The results have made it worthwhile. In fact, 18 months ago my routine blood tests showed health markers displaying that I’m in the top percentile of the world in my 64 AUGUST 2017 | age category. This definitely didn’t happen accidentally. Rather, it’s the outcome of the attention I’ve paid to my health over the years. until at least 100. To see what I’m do- ing to achieve this, you can follow my hashtag (#liveto100) on Instagram (@KrisGethin). The food I eat is pure. I always pay close attention to where it comes from and only use patented supplements that carry the MicroPure guarantee. On a daily basis I do everything in my power to reduce inflammation and remove toxins from my body to allow it to work optimally. My goal is to live One of the most important things I do is follow a stringent morning ritual to cleanse my insides and sustain my highest state of health by focusing on my GI tract. This article will give specific insight into my morning ritual that’s helped my health, along with improving recovery and my body composition.