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IM: You competed on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior. Tell us about the experience. RD: I competed on season 8 of American Ninja Warrior in the Philadelphia qualifying rounds. Philly qualifi ers for season 8 was the only qualifying round that no competitors were able to complete the course. I was selected to be on the IM: Is there anyone you look to for inspiration? RD: One of my biggest inspirations is my father. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without his incredible guidance and foundation for our family, always teaching me the best morals and values and instilling a great work ethic. show and, two weeks later, I was in Philly getting ready to run the course. It was such a wonderful bucket list experience. IM: Is your training different with American Ninja Warrior? RD: It is a little bit in the sense that I am incorporating a lot more of grip training, balance and hanging exercises. You don’t know what obstacles will be on the course so you need to make sure you’re trying to cover all the bases. I was hitting a lot more double gym sessions as well. I still maintained hit- ting my cardio, but my workouts were a lot more calisthenics based than lifting weights at tha t time. IM: What are some interesting things that your fans might not know about you? RD: I’m a sucker for cats and dogs. I like to go to bed early during the week and even on the weekend sometimes, too. I’m an early riser. During the week, I’m up around 4:30am and the weekends I get up at about 5:30am! IM: What’s your favorite body part on yourself? RD: My favorite body part on myself is my back. IM: What’s your nutrition like? RD: I eat three meals daily and a couple snacks. I try to stay within healthy means for a person with a busy personal training schedule morning to night. Staying in that range means meal prep. I bring my six pack lunch pack to work and pack chicken and rice for two meals and have nuts or fruit as a snack. IM: Do you have any words of wisdom that have served you well over the years that you feel can help our readers in their fi tness journey? RD: Life is like a roller coaster. If it was smooth sailing, it would be boring. Get up and show up every day. Any work- out is better than none. Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction. Not every day is going to be your best. “Any workout is better than none .” . | AUGUST 2017 63