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Rose DiNuccio AGE: 25 LIKES: Working out, handstands, the beach, summer, snowboarding, hiking, spending time with my family DISLIKES: Being cold, snowstorms in New England, spiders FAVORITE VACATION SPOT: South Beach LISTENS TO: Hip hop, country, dance, pop, pretty much anything! LATEST BOOK: Mastery by Robert Greene SCREENTIME: Reality TV (guilty pleasure) FAVORITE QUOTE: “You are confi ned only by the walls you build yourself.” SPONSORS: Barstarzz, Vicore Fitness INSTAGRAM: @rosedinuccio FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook. com/rose.dinuccio response on social media because I’m always trying to promote positivity, well being and creativity. I love when I am able to share my story with others, to let them know that they can do anything they set their minds to. IM: Looking at your social media, it’s clear you also love handstands. What do you love so much about them? RD: I love the challenge they bring. I’m always trying to push the limit with them, trying to get better and learn harder things with them. IM: What are your fi tness goals? RD: Some of the fi tness goals I have are being on the cover of Iron Man magazine, expanding my personal training to take online clientele and compete in a fi tness competition. IM: You won a competition sponsored by Kompetes to get this shoot and feature interview. Please tell us why you competed. RD: I competed to win the competition because I have always been a huge fan of Iron Man, and I wanted to test my skills to see if I had what it took to win an online free- style calisthenics competition. The process involved me submitting my video online to the competition page. After that there was a period open to allow people to vote for you. When the winner was selected, Kompetes emailed me letting me know I had been chosen as the winner! After that I was in contact with them and they booked my fl ight and hotel out to California for the photo shoot with Iron Man! When we did the photo shoot it was such an incredible experience. I had a makeup artist who also did my hair. She was with me all day! I had a videographer and photographer who were so awesome, too! It was such a great experience. IM: What was it like working with Kompetes in this con- test? What else was involved? RD: They were the ones who set everything up for me.… It was such a pleasure working with them. They were also the ones who paid me the cash prize as well. Initially I thought the entire thing was too good to be true! 48 AUGUST 62 JUNE 2017 2017 | |