Iron man Iron Man USA August 2017 f - Page 62

IRON MAN: What were you like growing up? Was fi tness a part of your life? ROSE DINUCCIO: Growing up as a kid, fi tness was a part of my life. I was involved in gymnastics from the age of 3 to 12 and always loved being active. It wasn’t until my teenage years until I stopped really being active all the time. IM: You underwent a pretty impres- sive transformation to be the fi t person you are now after some rough years in your teens. Walk us through that journey. RD: My fi tness journey really began when I was 21 years old. I had put on over 45 pounds at the age of 20. I had never been over 110 pounds in my life, but I had started hanging around with the wrong crowd of people when I was 17 causing me to lead a very unhealthy lifestyle for three years. I was addicted to opiates and smoked cigarettes. It wasn’t until I really hit bottom that I de- cided I needed help. I moved to Florida and went to rehab and in that time ... I put on all the weight. I was fi nally eating food again, and not just once a day anymore. My HY&]X[Hۛš[H] [\\[۝H]ۈ H[[HH^H [[[ˈ\ܝ\HYX\[›^H؜Y]HH\ZY[X] L[][X[X\X\]ˈBY]^H\[YY[[H[YBXX\X\]ˈY\H\B]\܈X]^[۝H\ BYܚ[]X]\HH\HXق\[][\]\HY[[YY][Y\[[\]\˂HY&]ۛ[]; H\[XYHXHYH\و^HYKSN\[[\ܞH]\HYBH[ ][\H[\\[ˈš\ݙ\Z[YX[ۈ[Y[\\XYO”x&[H\[Hݙ\; HHYX\YHقX]\[[&]H\Y\]^HYH\\Y] HݙH[ܙB[[][Z[XH\H^BܞH]\[[[H]H\H]Z\[\HXY]BXK\ۙ\[H][ LL\[]\H^H[]\]H\ۈ[\X[\ˈH[ݙH]HH B\]ZYH[YH[ZKB\]X][ۈ]^H[X]] ˂]8&\[\[Y[H[H[] [H\H[\ۛH[Z]][ۈH]\[ۙB\YH\Hو[YX[ۋ]\]H܈Y H]]\\XB[ۙHYX[ۈ][\]›^HYX[ۈ\HX[HۙHBSNH[H[[H]XB]]H\ۜH[X[YYXO”H[H]XH]]BUQT M\ۛX[XY^[KB'[H\H[\ۛH[Z]][ۈB]\[ۙH\œYH\Hق[YX[ۋ]\]B܈Y 'B