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Incline Skullcrusher This is the first single-joint exercise in the workout. However, the position that you must hold the bar in places constant tension on all three heads of the triceps muscle to prompt all three to grow. Set up an adjustable bench in the same way you would if you were going to do a dumbbell incline press (about 30 degrees up from completely horizontal). Grasp an EZ-bar (the one with all the bends in it) with a comfortable overhand grip, and press it over your chest, then bring your arms back so that your elbows are in line with your ears. Keeping your elbows close to your head, bring the bar behind your head by bending your elbows and once your elbows are bent 90 degrees, extend your elbows to bring the bar back up. Drag Curl These are an old-school bodybuilding move that hit your biceps super hard and also involve a little shoulder musculature. Grab a bar (any kind) with an underhand grip and your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Begin to curl the bar, dragging it up your stomach to bring it to your breastbone, pause and slowly lower the weight. Rope Pressdown This exercise is an ideal finishing move for your triceps be- cause it hits all three heads of the muscle with an emphasis on the lateral head, which forms the outside of the wish- bone. Also, your elbow is in a fixed position, making this a true single-joint move that isolates your triceps as well as any exercise. This allows your triceps to do all the work, versus having a potentially stronger muscle compensate and take over the movement. Hook up a rope attachment to a cable station. Set it at maxi- mum height. Grasp the handle with one end in each hand, palms facing each other (your pinky should be anchored on the knot or ball at the end). Take a step back, shift your hips back (to move them out of the path of the cable) and pull the cable towards you so your elbows are pointing at the ground. Extend your elbows and separate your hands as you push the cable down towards the ground, turning your fists to face the floor at the end with your elbows fully extended. Pause and return to the start position. Spider Curl Want another old-school bodybuilding move? Good news! Here it is. This one places huge emphasis on your biceps, and, like the rope pressdown, is a true single-joint move, allowing for proper biceps isolation. In other words, your biceps will do all the work as opposed to having another muscle potentially taking over. Set up with an EZ-bar on a preacher curl station facing the opposite direction. Grasp the EZ-bar underhand, bring your triceps back to the pad (it should be the completely verti- cal side) and lock your arm over the pad so it’s right in your armpit. Your chest should be on the angled side of the pad. Curl the weight without your triceps leaving the pad, pause and slowly return to the start position. SPIDER CURL | AUGUST 2017 51