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CLOSE GRIP BENCH PRESS Set up like you would for a traditional bench press, but take a different grip. The ideal grip would be shoulder-width apart, but it depends on the individual, so vary it based on how it feels to you. From there, perform the rep as you would a traditional bench press. Unrack the bar, take three seconds to lower the bar to touch your chest (it may touch closer to your ribcage because of your grip), pause briefly and push it as fast as you can back to the top. INCLINE SKULLCRUSHER Chin-Up Sometimes referred to as the original biceps curls, chin-ups are another multi-joint move that involves the back mus- culature. Like the close grip bench press, this exercise is the epitome of a starting move for an arms workout. If you read EMG (electromyography which involves attaching electrodes to muscles to measure muscle activity) studies, many sug- gest that the chin-up is actually better at activating your biceps than any variation of the biceps curl (supinated bent- over rows do the trick, too). Grab a pull-up bar with an underhand grip, hands slightly wider than shoulder blades apart. Draw your shoulder blades down and back and pull yourself up to the bar, aiming to touch your collarbone to the bar. Pause for a second and take three seconds to lower yourself back down. elbows without letting them drop. Tip: You won’t be able to go as heavy on this exercise, so start with just the bar and work up from there. Jam Press Uniquely, this move trains the anconeus muscle, which is a powerful elbow extensor. When it grows, it makes your forearms look huge. Supinated Bent-Over Row This is a supreme biceps activator. It’s often purported to be better than any variant of the biceps curl for biceps strength and growth. Set up as you would for a close grip bench press. But, as you lower the bar, instead of letting your elbows move straight down, keep them in line with your stomach by pushing your elbows forward (but not outward) as the bar comes down towards your collarbone. Push the bar up by extending your Grasp a barbell with an underhand (supinated) grip and push your hips back to bring your chest closer to the ground, arms hanging loose. Drive your elbows up towards the ceil- ing to bring the bar up towards your belly button, pause and return to t хЁͥѥ(UUMP܁ɽ饹