Iron man Iron Man USA August 2017 f - Page 46

close to your body as possible. Lift till you’re standing straight up then lower back down keeping a neutral spine. Single Leg Press Set up on the leg press machine with one leg in the middle of the platform and the other off to the side. Unlock the weight and lower the platform down bringing your knee towards your chest. Press the platform back up stopping just short of locking out. Repeat on the opposite side. Exercise Ball Rollout Place both elbows on an exercise ball so you’re in a plank position. Slowly extend your arms out. Pause and then bring your arms back so your elbows are directly underneath your shoulders. EXERCISE BALL KNEE TUCK Chin-Up (Weighted If Possible) With a shoulder-width grip, grab the bar so your palms face towards you. Pull yourself up until your chin passes the bar. Lower yourself down so your arms reach full extension before start- ing the next repetition. If you need extra resistance, hold a dumbbell between your legs or use a weighted chain belt. Standing Alternating Overhead Dumbbell Press Holding one dumbbell in your right [ Z\H][\ZY[\[\\XH[X]] Y\[ž[\ܜ][\H[X[\[\]XH\[KB[ۋ\X]ۈH]HYK[\“YH; ]ۈH[ ܘXH\]HYHY\[[\]Yܚ\ [XH\[\]\XݙH[\\[H[HY\[[\Y][Y[[\Y\Y \H\X\[\ܝو[] Z[ۙHۈ[[H[\Z[XHۈۈ[[[B[][\[\XݙHHوH[ [[\Y]H[HۂHܛ[Y\[\H[KB[ۋܘX[X[[B[[H\[\\ ]\H[[\XH\[KB[ۋZ[ۙHX\[Z\Hۂ[[H[\Z[XHۈۈ[[[B[[\[\\XݙHBوH[ XH[\Y]H[BۈHܛ[[\H][\B[XZ[[][ۋܘX[XB UQT M\ۛX[XY^[KB[[Z\H[H][\Y\šY\[[\\\\[X[\ž[\ܜˈZ\HH[X[[[\\\\H]H[YHZY\[\ܜˈ]\H[[\XB\[][ۋSHQT’[[H[X[\“YHۈۈ[[[H[]B[X[ۈXXY \[[\YYXX[X[\[\\ۙH]H[YK\HZYœ^x&\H[[H][\\\X˜[XݙH[\\\]ˈY\[[\[\XH[\H[X[œ\\H\[][ۋ[[H[X[YBYHۈۈ[[[H[]B[X[ۈXXY \[[\YYXX[X[\[\\ۙH]H[YKY\[[\\\™^[Y \H[X[]ž[\Y\[HY[H][[\\ ]YY^H[\\[[˜[X[X\H\[œ][ۈZH[x&\HY[HYKXX\\]\[VX\\ۈHXX\XˈܘXH[YHوH\[\\HYH[Y\XX\\H\[\[œ\L YYܙY\[]YY^H[\X\ˈ\H\Xۈ B[\ܝو[] ۝[[ۘ[XYYYH\[ۈH; ܋][\Y]\\ ]Y\\][\KBX\\[\H\[][\\[\[\\H\XHݙ\H\[ܘXH\\Hž[\Y\XK[H\\B^[[[\\Y\[H\\“RSӑH