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IM CONTENTS AUGUST 2017 FEATURES p.26 COVER MODEL 26 Cover Story with Brandan Fokken: The Power of Will Brandan Fokken wants you to know how to be your best and it isn’t a gym hack or diet trick. This is all about you approaching your life with a positive attitude and a desire to do the work! N E K K O F N A D N BRA 36 Look Your Best Before The End Of Summer The end of summer is here and you want to look your best. Don’t fret! This is the workout to help you realize those gains just in time! 46 The Ultimate Arms Workout Did someone order tight sleeves? You did, of course! Here’s the plan that will get you there, guaranteed. 52 11 Reasons You Need Creatine When it comes to your supplementa- tion, there’s more to it than just protein. Find out why you need creatine today. DEPARTMENTS 8 Train To Gain: Pyramids 10 Research Muscle: Rests For Gains 12 Exercise Of The Issue: Alternating Dumbbell Chest Press 58 Rose DiNuccio: 14 Muscle Handbook: Here’s How To Warrior Woman Target All Your Muscles From overweight addict to American 16 Eat To Grow: Fuel Your Gains With Ninja Warrior, DiNuccio is one woman The Power Of Pineapple who could beat you at nearly anything— 20 Research Fat Loss: Learn the Truth and here’s the proof! Of Salt And Calories 22 Meal Of The Issue: Try This Epic Mile High Burger 24 Shake Of The Issue: Strawberry Banana Protein Shake 64 Transformer: Live To 100 66 Power Building: Better Off Deadlifting 68 Hybrid Training: Social Media Doesn’t Belong In The Gym 70 Hardgainer: Slow Growing Triceps Brandan Fokken 72 Anti Aging: Exercise To Live Longer Photography by 75 Final Word: Squatting Below Parallel? Clint Padilla ON THE COVER 2 AUGUST 2017 | p.22