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COVER STORY “ “ I love a challenge and really love helping others. IM: How does Dymatize help you achieve your fi tness goals? BF: My sponsor fi rst and foremost has stood behind me in everything I’ve done. That includes taking time off when my son, Eastan, was born. They have helped me give back in more ways than one. They have given me many amaz- ing opportunities I wouldn’t have had without them, they motivate me to always be my best and challenge me to work hard, be a good person and an upstanding member of their team. I never want to be in a position to let them down, so I am always motivated to work hard, be in my best shape and represent them the best that I can. IM: What do you love most about training people? BF: I love the simple things most. I really like the challenge of doing competition prep and dialing someone in for their contest, but the simplicity of working with someone new to fi tness that appreciates every little change, and they are ecstatic about the process, trumps that. I’m blessed to work with a variety of people and on totally different spectrums of fi tness, health and well being and truly enjoy all aspects of helping someone become the best version of themselves. 48 AUGUST 32 JUNE 2017 2017 | | IM: Please tell us more about your online personal training offerings. BF: I have been training for about half of my life. I started to do personal training about 16 years ago and then moved away from that and into online training about 6-7 years ago. I do everything from macro plans, meal planning, competi- tion prep, workout plans, cardio plans, body transformation plans and everything in between. I love a challenge and really love helping others. I employ two trainers under me who both utilize my same methods to help people get in shape. Jordan Wheeler and Jeff Davis have enabled me to grow my business and also service those people that I would normally have to decline because I am always full with clients. I tend to only take on 12-15 people at a time, as I want to be able to give them my attention 110 percent and never let them feel like they are a number. IM: What’s your approach to training people on your web- site and how does it differ from others? BF: There are too many people out there just racking up clients, sending them cookie cutter plans, treating them as a number and a method to make money. I fi nd that sad and