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COVER STORY NUTRITION IM: What’s your meal plan like? BF: I don’t really track anything, but more so eat intuitively. I also have tried about every variation of dieting. Currently I have imple- mented an intermittent fasting approach. I don’t always follow this, but due to my schedule it fi ts my lifestyle well. I get about 90 percent of my food from Icon Meals, which makes meal planning extremely easy. I also am a creature of habit. I eat many of the same foods day in and day out and never get sick of them. My standard diet would look like this: Meal 1 – 1 cup oats , 1.5 cups egg whites Workout Post workout 1.5 scoop Dymatize Iso whey Meal 2 – 5-6 oz protein (chicken, cod, buf- falo, lean turkey- I change it up throughout the day) 1-2 cups veggies (green beans, asparagus, spaghetti squash, broccoli) 30-40 grams carbs – rice or sweet potatoes Meal 3 – 5-6 oz protein 40-50 grams carbs 1-2 cup veggies Meal 4 – 2 scoops Iso whey Meal 5 – 6-8 oz protein (usually sirloin or buffalo) 40-50 grams carbs 1-2 cup veggie Snack (I usually have this every night) 1.5- 2 cups oats 3-4 Tbsp peanut butter Meal 6 – Protein pancake made with egg whites and Dymatize casein protein 1-2 Tbsp peanut butter IM: What are your workouts really like? BF: My workouts tend to be longer and drawn out. I don’t go with crazy intensity the majority of the time. I’m more about staying healthy and without injury and maintain at this point. I do mid weight and a lot of sets and reps, on average, and I hit the muscle from as many angles as I can. worked with many companies as a sponsored athlete. I had made the choice to step away from a relationship to look for a new one. I reached out to and told them what I wanted to do. They took a week or so and got back to me with some companies that they could see me represent. They were all big name companies and were all interested in me, which for me was crazy to think because I still view myself as the same guy I was when I fi rst got into all of this. Dymatize was one of the companies that they mentioned and they said that they were very excited to talk to me. IM: How did you get involved with Dymatize? BF: I was a big fan of Dymatize for years. I used their prod- ucts and really liked them. After I competed for the fi rst time and started looking for sponsors, I reached out to them fi rst. I was ѕɅ䁹䁥ѡ丁$䁍ѕ)܁ѥ̰eЁ䁙ѹ̰́͡ݥ)ьٕ䁍䁽Ёѡɔ܁ፕЁ嵅ѥ锸)Qݕɔɕ䁹Յ͕ЁЁ)́܁ѥ̸Ё݅ɐ啅́ѕȁmt$$䁙ЁݥѠѡݡݕЁɕи$)ɥЁѡѡЁѡݕɔѡ䁙ȁѡЁ$)eЁ݅ЁѼݽɬݥѠ役͔$eЁٕхѼ)ѡѡȁ́ͥѕɴɅЁݥѠ)嵅ѥ锸Qݥ䁙ݡЁ́Ѽ)ɕɕ͕ѥЁ丁$ٔ݅ЁѼٕ)ٔٔѡѡȁɽՍ̰ѡȁͥ٤)ͥѡЁѡ䁑$ɽՐѼݽɬݥѠѡ)Ёѡȁѕ)ϊt͡܁ѡѡЁݥѠɐݽɬͥѥ٥䁅ѡ)ݥ́ѼٔѡЁѡ䁍͠ѡ)ѡ݅ЁѼ(UUMP܁ɽ饹