Iron man Iron Man USA August 2017 f - Page 30

STAR STATS IRON MAN: How important was fi t- ness for you growing up? Brandan Fokken: I came from a really tough background. I moved around a lot, we didn’t have any money, etc. So for me, fi tness was a way to belong, to fi t in and to make friends. Along with that, due to my upbringing, from an early age I equated muscles to not being hurt, which was attractive to me because I was put through a lot. I looked up to Superman, Arnold and Hulk Hogan. They were all big and strong and in my mind couldn’t be hurt. So I wanted to be just like them. IM: Tell us about your journey into bodybuilding competitions. BF: I started weight training at the age of 14. I \[[[H[ۙ]]\ݙ\HYX\BH[\ݙY[ H^H H\œX[H\[YZY[\KB[H\X]\]\[\\H[] K]\ۙ]\H]HX]Y][܈\][ˈ]HYHقHY[وZ[H\HX[ۙ[YH\]]܈[YYH[™[^HHˈHY&]]HHYB]H\[]H[šHYH[[\[Y[Y][^B[H[Y\\][[ݙY][]HY[YۈHY\[B]\[KSN[\ܝ[\][XH[][]H܈[O]8&\YH[HY\وH[KH^H]]]]H[\XB\H\[ˈH[ܙH]]H[H\KH[ܙH\XHY\X[ž[\YKH[Y]H]Y[H\HXHš[ [H[ ]Y[ܚ[]X[H\]Y\XZ[]܈ܜܘ][ۜ[[]\[\\[\[]][ۜY[ܚ[[[^\[܈Y\[^\]BXHY[]H[H^Z[XB[[\H]\][YH]X \HY[[ۙY HY&]ܛ\]]X[]H[H\HH[H][^HYKH[[\[\[][]KHZ\ۈ8'ܙX] BUQT M\ۛX[XY^[KBRQ &LBRQ MH[QN “UTΈ[^[ёTSӎ[\\X܈وU ۙ\و[ۙ•Z[[ۜܙY]]KQ”ӔԔ΂[X]^KX[HKBZ[[˘H]]KXۂYX[X\ZK ]X\Y•PUNː[[[BPP΂˙XX˘KМ[B[[]\’SQԐSN[[[SUPN˞[]XKK\\˜[[[UT[[[ՑTԖ