Iron man Iron Man USA August 2017 f - Page 29

COVER STORY THE OF WILL! BRANDAN FOKKEN Brandan Fokken’s view on life will change yours, too, if you do the work! By The Editors Photography Clint Padilla Nothing comes easy in life. If you’ve ever seen someone living large and loving every minute of it, chances are it wasn’t always that way for them. For Brandan Fokken, that’s defi nitely the case. One look at this man and you’ll immediately see the picture of fi tness, success and happiness—but nothing was ever handed to him. In fact, Brandan shaped his career, personality and success in very much the same way as his physique: Hard work! Brandan Fokken is a product of his own under- standing that living life with purpose, fi tness, giv- ing back and positivity brings about greater returns and overall health and happiness. Here’s how his life’s mission can shape yours and why his journey could be a mirror image to yours, too, if you put in the work and stay positive! | AUGUST 2017 27