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EXERCISE OF THE ISSUE ALTERNATING DUMBBELL CHEST PRESS Six vital tips to ensure that you’re getting the most out of this gym staple. By Patrick Thompson, CPT From National Bench Press Monday to the fairly typical “how much do you bench?” question, it’s clear that this exercise is one that’s often at the top of mind for many gym-goers. So it should come as no surprise that new bench press variations are something that many look to try in the gym. Before you spring into action, though, you’ll want to make sure you are using a lighter weight than you would for your standard flat dumbbell chest press. Why? You must stabilize the dumbbells more than you would on a regular flat dumbbell chest press. Also, when lying down on a flat bench, you need to keep your feet, hips, shoulders and head all in contact with the floor or the bench. But, that’s not all. The following is a list of six other important tips to ensure you properly perform this exercise. Tip 1 – Keep your feet flat on the floor and position them below your knee joints. While doing the movements, make sure you’re attempting to push through the floor. Tip 2 – While lying flat on the bench, your shoulder blades need to be retr XY܈[YXˈHY\ B[[\[\Y\Y [x&[[[\]]\\XYHXKB]Y\[XX\˂\ 8$[HY\[›ۙH[X[[Hۂ][ۈX\[\\\] \ZY\]B]H\KXZH\B[HZY\]B[X[ []\[[\[]\BܙX][X[]H܈[\H[H[ݙ[Y[\HKLUQT M\ۛX[XY^[KB\ 8$]HوXX[ݙ[Y[ XZH\B]YY^H[\\]\\ˈ\[ܙKB]HܙX]\[܈[]XܝZ]Y[Y\[\[\\\ H8$X]HHYܙB[\\\ Y\B[[K\[H\œ\ۙH[X[ [B[^[K[Y[X\[[HۈH۝\[[ۈ[^[HۈB\\[[ۋ