Iron man Iron Man USA April 2017 - Page 9

APRIL 2017 58 64 72 76 58 BICEPS: PLAN TO FAIL 72 ESCAPE FROM ESTROGEN 64 SECRETS OF SIZE 76 HARDBODY ANNIVERSARY We all know that going to failure can spur serious muscle growth, but overusing this technique can be disastrous. Here is a focused and precise use of failure, within the confines of larger biceps workout, that is guaranteed to coax your arms to grow. The process of growing muscle demands effort across your whole life: training, diet, sleep, supplements, stress. Check out our 11 self-contained and easy-to-follow rules to help your body add quality muscle. Testosterone levels in modern men are at an all-time average low and bordering on a crisis. One way of boost- ing your testosterone is to make sure your estrogen is not out of control. Check out these safe and effective supple- ments that put the “man” into managing your hormones. After two straight years of presenting the best bodies from the world of health and fitness, we take a second look (and a third and fourth) at some of the most beautiful examples—inside and out—of the fitness lifestyle. | APRIL 2017 7