Iron man Iron Man USA April 2017 - Page 88

IM Rule 1 Proteins Muscle Contest Challenge Fitness fans swarm the LA Convention Center for blockbuster NPC body battles. 86 APRIL 2017 | One thing that has stayed the same is that the incomparable Lonnie Teper, a regular Iron Man columnist, has remained the MC, and as usual, Lonnie did a fantastic job. This event is always like no other because of its cornerstone position at the LA FitExpo. Because one ticket gets you into every event at the expo, Satur- day’s crowd of 35,000 people had the opportunity to stop by and see what the competition was all about. This is unprecedented exposure for the com- petitor—not only to this appreciative audience but also to the hundreds of vendors who are potential sponsors of individual athletes. IM Adam Alkusari, Bodybuilding winner T he only constant is change, and the 2017 LA FitExpo is a classic example of that maxim. At the first LA FitExpo, in 2004, IFBB Profes- sional Men’s Bodybuilding was the cor- nerstone of the events within the Expo. Bodybuilding is still a “main event,” but it has evolved into an NPC event that is much more diverse, including the full range of NPC competitive options from traditional Bodybuilding to Figure and Bikini. In my opinion, anyone who uses the barbell to improve his or her physique is a bodybuilder—the NPC categories are defined by degrees, unit- ed by the universal tool, the barbell. While the events in the past have been NPC or IFBB sanctioned, this year’s event became a part of the NPC Muscle Contest Family helmed by CEO Tamer El Guindy. Tamer and his brother Terrick are two incredibly enthusiastic evangelists for everything bodybuilding as defined by the many categories under the NPC umbrella. By John Balik