Iron man Iron Man USA April 2017 - Page 85

Powerbuilding rather than a one-rep max weight on squats or deadlift. If the abdominal and oblique muscles respond best to endurance-based stimulation, rather than maximal-weight stimulation, then increasing bodyweight and forcing your core to support a much greater amount of muscle mass 24 hours a day will add more core hypertrophy than picking up heavy weight. This is what we saw in the 2000s with bodybuilding. The bodybuilders were getting up to over 300 pounds in the off-season, and their physique was suffering because of it. Prior to that period, bodybuild- ers were still squatting and deadlifting heavy, they just weren’t getting as big as they do today. The only variable in the situation is the overall bodyweight of the bodybuilders, not the act of doing heavy squats and deadlifts. Lastly, powerlifting as a training style isn’t an optimal plan for expansive muscle growth. Powerlifting isn’t about creating big muscles, it’s about moving big weights. A powerlifter can out-squat a bodybuilder of the same weight, even though a bodybuilder’s quads will be much more developed and larger than a powerlifter’s. If bodybuilding training is all about size and growth, then why would powerlifting cause growth in a bodypart more than bodybuilding would? If powerlifting elicits more muscle growth than bodybuild- ing, we’ve all been doing something wrong for a long time. The Answer The answer to the questions is heavy squat- ting and deadlifting won’t blow out someone’s waist and ruin their chances on a bodybuild- ing stage. There are plenty of bodybuilders gifted with strength who have squatted and deadlifted big numbers but have not suffered from ever-expanding waist syndrome. There are also plenty of powerlifters who have been gifted with aesthetic body types who have maintained a trim waist and low body fat while practicing heavy squats and deadlifts. Once examined, the reasoning to stay away from squats and deadlifts for bodybuilding, physique, figure, and bikini competitors just doesn’t hold up. The fact is, everyone should be doing these big exercises because they will recruit the most muscle fibers and lead to building the best physique possible, trim waist and all. iM | april 2017 83