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RESVERATROL Resveratrol is a compound found in peanuts, grapes, and red wine that is full of polyphenols. Because it has a great number of polyphenols, it works very similar to green tea extract. Resver- atrol can, therefore, inhibit aromatase, which will lead to a reduction in estrogen (estradiol). Much of the research conducted on resvera- trol has investigated its anti-cancer properties, with little evidence on its ability to work as a bodybuilding supplement. Regardless, the research has shown that it reduces estrogen, so the potential is there for it to work as a supple- ment. More evidence is needed and emerging in human studies, but it looks promising. Dosing depends on several factors, such as age, health, and other conditions. Currently there are no strict dosing guidelines for how much to take, so it’s best to follow the man- ufacturers’ dosing recommendations of your selected supplement. Try not to exceed about 250 milligrams each day, as it can potentially have interactions with other medications and supplements. Eradicate by Blackstone Labs relies on two different suicide aromatase inhibitors to prevent estrogen levels from getting too high. The formula also con- tains alpha-lipoic acid, which offers a slew of health benefi ts besides helping to balnce hormones. 74 APRIL 2017 |