Iron man Iron Man USA April 2017 - Page 72

E P A C S E FROM N E G O R T S E CE OF . N A L A THE B CAN HELP H T I ESS W PLEMENTS M O ING T HESE SUP Y R T S ENT I RMONES, T S, CISSN, SFN M N O VIR ING HO PER PHD, CSC N E E TH E-BUILD NEVIEVE RO N E H JE W MUSCL R YOU WHILE I KNOW THAT MANY OF YOU avoid anything that has the potential to increase estrogen, it’s becoming more and more impossible to avoid. Average levels of testosterone have declined over the last decade. One reason is the number of estrogen compounds that are found in pesticides, meat, some plastics, and even our drinking water as a result of discarded birth control pills. The combination of these can slowly reduce your testosterone levels. While proper diet, supplementation, and training have been known to help boost testosterone, these environmental factors can potentially leave you in the same hormonal spot and not making the gains you should. It’s necessary to understand how you can combat the es- trogen that may incidentally enter your system. While there are many commercially available products that claim to do this, little research has been conducted to support these claims. Here are some of the ingredients we feel give you your best shot at slashing estrogen and boosting testosterone. 70 APRIL 2017 |